prepare to be annihilated by the fantastic stunning sou nds of
HanLey Pafilion 2031 Sheridan (rd) EVANSTON IL
rock the house 8pm till 2am with 'beats and TREATS'
firstAWESOME EAT IT® event EVER"""
N@$!!@$!@THIS FRIDAY NIGHT@#$!N@$!!@$!@%$(90OALSO IT IS FREE VERY FREE as in you don't hav to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to ENTER OJJN

monster truck driving m>meth math addict<
from the murky de pths of east bratslava comes to bring the funk PROGRESSIVE anthem redub, closing the evening BEATS and shranz bass




"you + eat it = crazy sexy cool™"



after lonGGG hiatus, reigning king of SEXY samba downt eMpo latin house jazz FUNKY tech is back to grace the ducks

maximum 50
only in _*_canada_*_ is such terrific GOA acid AWESOEm trance tolerated on equal footing with the likes of chicago deep HOUSE and swedish bikini ski disco loops and no taxes

Jason Jenkins
newcomer who promises to bang the box with the nosebleedingest of all possible worlds best ever "AND H ePLAYS BREAK PROLLY NO MAINLY HARD ...SO HARD!!"-byron

opener with flair, chutzpa and pizzas (yes, pizzas), not to be mist sexy wow
constanze will not be playing due to unforeseen circumstance


now where, you may be asking youssef, can i find such an amazing PARTY???!?!@?#!!$? well. at ***shanley pavillion*** this

***friday, january 16th*** for absolutely no cover _charge_ whatsoever, this AWESOME event will be taking place once and once only. if you are lame or cannot dance, do not come. if you are averse to funky beats and grooving feets, do not come. if you have not yet been detered, neutered, or defered, yo***u are more than welcome. proper NYC attire and spelling not required.















yes there will be giant transformers and race car models and kilt cyborgs there or you get your money back. guarantte!!! 30,000 WATTS of PURE SOUND MAYHEM and STUFF!!!!!!



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