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Streetbeat guest spot 1999.01.28 22:30 CST 30minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Autechre : Vletrmx : Tri Repetae++ : WARP / TVT
Chris De Luca : Three : Unknown Ep : Chocolate Ind.
Björk w/Alec Empire : Jòga Planet Of Ice Mix : Jòga : One Little Indian
Various Artists : Modulo 8.5 - Monolake Remix : Remixes 008 : Fat Cat
Pole : Tanzen : Kiff 008 : KiffSM
The Future Sound Of London : Cascade Part 4 : Cascade : Astralwerks

Notes: Very ambient, darkish, mellow, Pat deemed "ghost music". It didn't go fabulously, but could've been slightly worse. I guess. Definitely cool to get on the air though. Perfect practice makes better. (I was so nervous I played a record at the wrong speed.) Pat, Noomenon, and Peter Dash were all there. No tape is available of this show.