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etc 1999.07.02 01:00 1hour @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Orbital : Input Out : [no title, brown] : Full Frequency Range
Suns of the Sun : Angkor Thor : Across Uneven Terrain : FatCat
Plaid : Dead Sea : Rest Proof Clockwork : WARP
Hab : Pan - Journeyman's Peekaboo : Hab : Dot
Massive Attack : Back/ she comes [sic] Remixed by The Mad Professor : Inertia Creeps : Circa
Steve Reich : Eight Lines - Howie B Remix : Reich Remixed : Nonesuch
Stephen L. Syverud : HARMONY - Stereo Mix from Quad : Music For Electronics Alone : [independant release]
Pistel : Colorful World : Pistel : Baraka Foundation
Plaid : [untitled - hidden track] : Rest Proof Clockwork : WARP
Howie B : Cook For You : Snatch : Pussyfoot
Plaid : Done Spot : Rest Proof Clockwork : WARP
Cylob : Cylob's Theme : Are We Not Men Who Live And Die : Rephlex
µ-ziq : M5 Saabtone : Urmur Bile Trax Vol 1&2 : Astralwerks

Ever not been in a mood to DJ? I know, it's hard to imagine. In any case, a smooth set, all CD (having progressed right along from 1 tt to 0 tts). Strangely enough, I had a show to follow me. Stranger still, I can recommend it. Headed by Akili Lee, they're putting on some good underground hiphop for two hours, to be followed by DJ Whatshisname, who plays old school rap and some newer trip-hop. Both shows are quite to my taste, so you might want to give them a listen for the rest of the summer.