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etc 1999.11.06 01:00 CST 1hour @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Bola : Krak Jakomo : Skam
Arc : Tex : Dot
Organic Cloud : The Night In Goa : Fax
Zenith : Sacred Mirror : Fax
Arecibo : Beyond the Heart of Space
Lustmord : Aldebaran of the Hyedes
Burning rome : Welcome to the Anthill : Senseless : Mindfield
Endemic Void : Oscillations (Remix) : Oscillations
Lisa Carbon Trio : Song For Frank Brown
Flanger : Short Note with a Few : Flanger : Ntone
Friend : Eightball : Friend : Dot
Atom Heart (B.A.S.S.) : K-JAM : B.A.S.S : Rather Interesting
Peter Namlook : Careful with that AKS, Peter (Part 7) : The Dark Side of the Moog VIII : Fax
Atom Heart (Mono TM) : Arhythmattack : Rather Interesting
Burning Rome : Thin Blue Faces : Mindfield
Koolfang II : Bug Report : Fax
Flextone B : Rather Interesting

Varied set. Between ambient, drum and bassy moments, and layered abstract sounds and textures, pHonaut kept the audience rapt for longer than we planned. Burning Rome was in the studio with us, and we got a donor call at the end of the show from New York, NY. After I left I saw a skunk and three racoons. They were big.