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etc 1999.12.04 01:00 1hour @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Orbital : Belfast : [green, untitled] : Full Frequency Range
The Crystal Method : Cherry Twist : Vegas : Outpost
Howie B : Buttmeat : Turn off the Dark : Island
Gravity Kills : Forward : Gravity Kills : TVT
Tricky : Overcome : Maxinquae : Fourth And Broadway
Tricky : Piano : Pre-Millenium Tension : Island
µ-ziq : Midwinter Log : Lunatic Harness : Planet µ
photek : KJZ : Risc Vs Reward : Astralwerks
Goldie : Temper Temper - Grooverider Remix : Temper : Moving Shadow
Spacetime Continuum : Flotilla : Sea Biscuit : Astralwerks

With a large web-audience, several positive inquiring phone calls, and a variety of styles, this show was fairly successful. Talked too much on the air, but didn't inturrupt much music. The whole idea behind this set was to, for my 2nd to last show for the quarter, give the audience a taste of what I first started listening to when I went electronic. Should be a contrast from everything else I've been playing this quarter.