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Radioaktivities / etc 2000.Jul.29 01:00 240 minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Radioaktivities:episode.050:'Urban Tropical (Salsadelic II)' + max50

Radioaktivities transmits a special set in celebration of it's 50th show. Under numerous guises, Uwe Schmidt has released a rapidly growing body of work integrating the key elements of Latin music using only electronic sequencers, samplers and synthesized textures. Recently, Mr Schmidt's dreamed-up character Senor Coconut has received much exposure from the press because of his work covering an entire album of songs from the internationally popular band Kraftwerk. Previously only available in Japan, that album "El Baile Aleman" (the German Dance) has recently been reissued in Europe, making it readily available to a larger audience. This album at once revolutionizes 'techno' music and the practice of cover interpretations by turning the medium into a kind of chameleon that can adopt any influence, limited only by the skill of the programmer. Schmidt's Senor Coconut has also recently remixed the latest new release from Kraftwerk "EXPO2000" which will also be played during the show. Other related material to be played is the newly released Chilean rap album "XXX" under Schmidt's Atom alias. A collaboration with MC Teatime, XXX features saucy triligual raps over the top of heavy hip-hop rhythms, a spectacular fusion of things urban and tropical. This music is unlike anything else out there, top notch entertainment so tune in!

setlist includes:

Los Samplers : El Rey de las Galletas (Soy Yo) - Rumba Galleton : Descargas : RI
Senor Coconut : Upper Mambo / Lower Funk : Gran Baile con... : RI
Atom + MC Teatime : Perra Mojada : XXX : RI
Senor Coconut : Radioactivity (Rumba Kraftwerk) : El Baile Aleman : East West Japan
Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto : Trans Europe Express (Cumbia Instr. 12" ) : Emperor Norton
Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto : Expo2000 (Mambo 12") : Emperor Norton
Senor Coconut : El Coco Baile : Gran Baile con... : RI
Atom + MC Teatime : Muneca Rica : XXX : RI
Los Samplers : Vamos con San Pedro : Descargas : RI
Atom : MC Teatime : Me Tiene Loco (Dub) : XXX : RI
Burnt Friedmann : Hard Drive Dub : Do Not Legalize It 12" : ~scape
Atom Heart : Fototienda : Dropshadow Disease : RI
Burnt Friedmann : Fototienda Remix : Nonplace-1 12" : Nonplace
Peter Prochir + Namlook : Terminal Beach : Possible Gardens : Faxlabel
Burnt Friedmann : Los Cabellaros : Nonplace-1 EP : Nonplace
Laswell + Namlook : East Meets West : Outland 4 : Faxlabel
H.I.A. + Namlook : Bergend : S.H.A.D.O. 2 : Faxlabel
Gonzalo Martinez & His Thinking Congas : Cumbia Algarrobera (F. Carmona) : Multicolor

Cabbage Boy : Talkshow : Genetically Modified : Ninjatune
The Rapture Vs. Kid 606 : Notes..... : We All Are Winners : Tigerbeat6
Björk : Jóga (Alec Empire Mix) : Jóga : One Little Indian
Fizzarum : Phut Of Phlex : Phut Of Phlex : City Center Offices
Quench : Magleb (a funkarma birthday remix) : A Journey Into Electronix : Clone
Funkarma : Ghetto Inside : Number Een : Pholab
Phoenecia : Punani : [unreleased]
Jake Mandell : Coney Island - Instant Brownie Mix : Quondam Current : Force Inc
Mira Calix : Khala : Illanga : WARP
Kid606 : People Never Die - Chessie Remix : We All Are Winners : Tigerbeat6
Boulderdash : Cadillacs Never Die : We Never Went To Koxut Island