2000.Sep.09 01:00 (60 minutes, WNUR, etc)
Radioaktivities:episode.057:'Thousand Label Spotlight'
Cevin Key : Cunning : Download III : Subconscious
Legion of Green Men : Steppin on the Green Giant : Knots : Thousand
O.S.T. : track 10 : Death Notice : Thousand
Lexanculpt : MMT8 Rearrangement : Knots : Thousand
O.S.T. : track 11 : Death Notice : Thousand
Thermal + Seofon : Another tank Farm by Trolley : A Monument of Chance : Thousand
Orbitronic : (You're So) Anxious (For My Astrological Luv) : My Computer My Stereo : Thousand
Colongib : Agent Tingle : Knots : Thousand
Kid606 : Over And Under (TNK) : Knots : Thousand
Hab : Gold And Genetics : Magnetic Blue : Interchill

Another budding label out of Chicago, Thousand has 5 releases out now with more on the way. The Knots release shows how some of today's electronic artists re-process one of prog rock's 'giants.' The remixers include such fine acts as: legion of green men, kid606, phthalocyanine, lexaunculpt, and thermal (featured in past radioaktivities shows). The Orbitronik release provides a satire of rave & techno, a bit of musical whimsey on a genre that seems to have outgrown it's own oversized trousers. o.s.t. lays out sacred mayhem with the Death Notice release from qlipothic & phthalo.