Tuesday Night Fever : 2001.Nov.20 21:00 90minutes : WNUR, Evanston-Chicago
Pascal F.E.O.S. : Part 1 of 2 : Basic Implant's Revenge of the 101 : Complete Dj's Entertainment
Regis It's A Man's World : Penetration : Downwards
Surgeon : B1 : Waiting For You : Counterbalance
Cristian Vogel : La Isla Piscola Herbert's Remix : La Isla Piscola : Novamute
The Clash : Know Your Rights : Combat Rock : Epic
Rawell : Berlin Intern : Berlin Intern : WMF
Herbert : Leave Me Now - Recloose Mix : Leave Me Now : !K7
DJ Champion : Goujou : [untitled] : Hautec
Lali Puna : Bi-Pet : Scary World Theory : Morr
Bob Brown : Pudin De Pan : Yesworld : Creation Rebel
Decal : Has : Decoy : D1
Ectomorph : The Haunting (Version) : Comin' From Tha D : Intuit Solar
Herbert : Leave Me Now - Richard Devine Mix : Leave Me Now : !K7
Rawell : Orange Reactor : Berlin Intern : WMF
Rawell : (after Orange Reactor) : Berlin Intern? : WMF
Regis : White Stains : Penetration : Downwards
Decal : ? : Decoy : D1

Impromptu session filling in for Ruch One

Decent set, we'll see when I get my tape back from the station. At least Ken didn't steal this one. Stupid (I'll get her name + add it here for posterity) promoter from Pure came in and noticed I wasn't ruch, said something along the lines of "sorry, nobody listens to this kind of music so I guess I won't do the promotion" and left after awhile. After distracting me from my set of course. Lamers. People ought to listen to more than progressive house, but I guess this IS chicago. Also got some massively cool phone calls: Greg Paine Security (773-294-0159), ALee, and Steve. Mad support for the underground. Word. NYC tomorrow, the day after - the world.