Abstract Science 2001.Dec.13 23:30 2hours @ WLUW, Chicago

Inflatable Altarboys : Superior Twelve Inch Finger : Split : Nihilist
Smashing Pumpkings : Glass And The Ghost Children [excerpt] : Machina - The Machines of God : Virgin
Ultra-Red : Recordando A Chico : Plan De Austeridad : Beta Bodega
Mark Broom : Rave Days : J2000 : Pure Plastic
Percy X : Relentless - Rue East Remix : Gain : Soma
Obsolete : [untitled] : Obsolete Adolescence : Feed The Machine
Neil Landstrumm : Telex : Index Man : Scandinavia
Leandro Gamez : Go Girl : Versatile Virus : Fiebar
User : [untitled b] : Corp : Corp
DK : dk remix 1 [d] : Remainings III : 20,5 : Drumcode
Neil Landstrumm : She Took A Bullet Meant For Me : She Took A Bullet Meant For Me : Tresor
DK : dk remix 2 [k] : Remainings III 20,5 : Drumcode
Gaetano Parisio : [untitled a] : Outdated : Conform
Nightmares On Wax : Sal Batardes Purple Mix by Autechre : 10+3 : WARP
Peter Benisch : The Desert White [Adam Beyer Remix] : Soundtrack Saga Remixes : i220
Adam Beyer & Peter Benisch : Faces : Phases : Inside
Joel Mull : [long side] : Sunset : Inside
L'Usine : Flat : Surface : Isophlux
Twerk : Unit_Onjer : Now I'm Rendered Useless : Force Inc.
Peter Benisch & Joel Mull Luminosity Silhouettes Inside
New Order : Confusion (Rough Mix) : Confusion : Streetwise
LFO vs Fuse : Loop (Fuse Mix) : Loop : Plus 8
UR : [b2] : Codebreaker : UR
Japanese Telecom : Virtual Origami : Virtual Geisha : DeeJay Gigolo
Japanese Telecom : Virtual Geisha (she interacts) : Virtual Geisha : DeeJay Gigolo
Transllusion : Do You Want To Get Down? : Mind Over Positive And Negative Dimensional Matter : Supremat
Akufen : Radio Shuffle : [untitled] : Perlon
Twerk : Chilli Charm : Now I'm Rendered Useless : Force Inc.
Akufen : Brown Hawaï : [untitled] : Perlon

Guest set. Cool idea. Unfortunately, as I write this the night of I have to think that it was a pretty missed opportunity. Didn't publicize it enough beforehand, didn't plug my show enough on air, only announced anything at all 3 times during the course of the show. Music-wise it was acceptable, although I certainly became a lot more comfortable with the setup as the night went on. Sad as that is, since it was just a matter of figuring out how best to use that particular mixer but live and learn. Hopefully sometime in the spring the opportunity will present itself again, hopefully. On the off chance that whomever phoned in and asked about the LFO vs Fuse track somehow finds this website and reads this, click here to e-mail me. Please. It was one of those nights where whatever it is that you really don't want to drop, you drop. Survived though and most of the downsides are probably more related to external factors than anything radio. Oh well. 2nd to last show of 2001. Recorded most of it in 3 parts, learned that sometimes it's necessary to talk more. Bright idea of the day: list things to mention on air. Also, say everything twice. Say everything twice.