etc 2002.Feb.16 00:30
270 minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Zachary Lubin...
no setlist

Jake Mandell : From The Chestnut Parapet : Love Songs for Machines : Carpark
Craque : Poleye, Open : [unreleased]
Bionaut : Student Bashing At The Seaside : Lubricate Your Living-Room : Matador
T Spigot : Pass the Ammo :
Fennesz : Caecilia : Endless Summer : Mego
Ikoue Mori : Tool Box - Loops : Garden : Tzadik
Amon Tobin : Bad Sex : Ninjatune
Aphex Twin : Meltphase 6 : Drukqs : WARP
Richard Devine : Kepter : Lipswitch : WARP
Squarepusher : [untitled] : [untitled] : WARP
Matmos : Ur Tchun Tan Tse Qi : A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure : Matador
Kid 606 vs Twerk : Forcelab
Slicker : Frustrache (T.Raumschmiere Remix) : Frustrache EP : Hefty
Farben : Live at the Roxy, 1984 : Featuring The Dramatics : Klang
Auch : Akufen Mix : Remix Tomorrow Goodbye EP : Force Inc
Tomas Jirku : Stop! : Playhouse
Monolake : Bicom : Bicom : ML
Rhythm Maker : Metal Patience : Metal Patience : Background
Sound Track : Sugarloaf : Caipirinha
M.I.A : [b2] : Schlußlicht : Sub.static
Swayzak : Slave to the Hard Drive : Force Tracks
Repair : Plastic Surgery : Sub.static
LoSoul : ØØØØØØØØ : Open Door : Playhouse
Dettinger : [b1] : Blonde : Kompakt
Auch : Ricardo Villalobos Mix : Remix Tomorrow Goodbye EP : Force Tracks
Isoleé : Logiciel : Rest : Playhouse
Autechre : Clipper : Tri Repetae : WARP
Vladislav Delay : Anima : Anima : Force Inc

This was an informative, diverse, worthwhile guest experience I think. Zachary was generous enough to play for 90 minutes (1/3 longer than expected) and the rest of the show the handlebars were firmly placed in Craque's able hands. Finished up the show with a (for me) indepth on-air interview with the artist and DJ himself. Zachary played lots of Kanzleramt, some Drumcode, of course some other stuff I didn't know, while Craque hit us with IDM digitally and then a vinyl set dominated by the click- or micro- house aesthetic. Fen made it in late and stayed for the rest of the show, also had contact from Travis (with shout-outs going to Travis, Mike, Ross, Ronnie, Kristin Brown, Mae B, Johnny - the plexers), Todd, DJ Skinny, and synewavestudios, and adds from Rob at Synewave and Darren, as well as calls from Don and Lance, longtime listeners. Lots of contact. Big thanks this week are due to Craque and Zachary Lubin, of course, for providing the beats.