audible archive available upon request

etc 2002.Mar.16 00:30
270 minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago


The Alpha Gamma Deathray Squadron : Voices (Major Reverb Mix) : Voices : Hajota
Danny Elfman : The Final Confrontation : Edward Scissorhands
Danny Elfman : Farewell : Edward Scissorhands
Loess : Woven : Loess : Nonresponse
Mirah : Archapeligo : You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This : K
Apparat : First Try : Ttrial and Eror : Shitkatapult
Apparat : First Eror : Ttrial and Eror : Shitkatapult
Stereolab : Refractions in the Plastic Pulse - Autechre's Feebate Mix : Miss Modular : Elektra
Johannes Heil : 1776 : The Eye Of Providence : Kanzleramt
Surgeon : Set 2 : Balance : Dynamic Tension / Tresor
Surgeon : Golden : Balance : Dynamic Tension / Tresor
Syndrone : Triskaideka : Triskaideka EP : Djak Up Bitch
Phoenecia : Ectomorph + Godfather : Odd Jobs : Schematic
While : Trap : Lock : Chocolate Ind
Stewart Walker : Ghost Stations : Pleasure Island : Persona
Thor : Good Day : [untitled] : Æ3
Skein : Venice : Venice : Vertical Forms
Monolake : Static : Fragile : ML
Cutterblade : Lucid : Cutterblade : Process
Björk : I Remember You : Venus As A Boy : Elektra
Autechre : Garbage : Garbage : WARP
Boards Of Canada : In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country : In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country : WARP
Shinichi Atobe : The Red Line : Ship-scope : Chain Reaction
Johannes Heil : Farewell : Illuminate The Planet : Kanzleramt
Monomorph : Commercial Breakup : Departure Can Wait : Nature
Funckarma : Grandma's leave : Part 4 : Djak Up Bitch
Machine Drum : Big Beauty Hose : Now You Know : Merck
Supercar : YUMEGIWA LAST BOY : Japan For Sale : Sony Japan

Not the best set I've ever played but it was solid. Enough, I guess. See you in April, perhaps. Impressive live set by Craque this evening, Fen stopped by and got calls from Chris Widman (yes, THE Chris Widman of Abstract Science & Sessions), Mani Miglani, and Babak who was an add and won a CD, also a message I missed from JJ. Back to the music... I really need to expand my the material included in my sets a bit if I'm going to keep doing this. This was pretty much an anthem night for me, which needs to happen sometimes to get the tracks out of the system, right?

Addendum: Craque closed out this set with 2 hours of mind-blowingly cool IDM and tripped out techno. Sounded creative and in the same vein as the recent releases on Force Labs and I think they should try and convince him to put out some of his stuff on a 12" over there. He even pulled off a live rock-solo or two. Contemplative, subtle drifting groovy techno with live samples and developing structure, these songs sounded simulateously polished and spontaneous. Highly recommended.