Last Resort 2002.Apr.26 20:00 6hours @ Norris University Center Gameroom, Evanston
Akili Lee...
no setlist

m50 v Akili Lee (order not exact)...
m50 selections:
Supersoul : Feel Tha Cold (Illicit Version) : Plug Tunes Vol 1 : Metatronix
Squarepusher : [untitled] : [untitled] : WARP
Machine Drum : Thanks Very Much : Now You Know : Merck
Push Button Objects : Non-Existant - Keyed In By Gescom : Unauthorized : Chocolate Ind.
Cenik : Whale : Lies : Isophlux
Gescom : Keynell 1? : Keynell : SKAM
Spike : Throat Burns, Lungs Bleed : Operation Binary : Rice And Beans
Brothomstates : Qtio : Qtio : WARP

Wu-Tang Clan : Reunixed by Funkstörung : Additional Productions : !K7
Björk : In Love W Funktörung : Additional Productions : !K7

Well, that was a fun set. We kicked off the Friday Nights "Last Resort" event at the student union this week. Think I scared the kids. Ellie and her friend were there, Akili and 3s were there for most of the time, as was Akili's friend from Conspiracy Theory. Didi was there but that was her job and Terrace was there playing pool. Not much was there as far as audiences go but it was fun to practice on the wheels of wool on a system you could hear. The above set was interspersed with more hip hop from Akili, including some Slick Rick and Nas, we were followed by 3s' set of more chilled out stuff.