audible archive available upon request

etc: Academia pt2 2002.Jun.01 00:30 390minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

m50 & Audiophile...
Dalessandro / Katic / Werner : Bitches Be Trippin' : [untitled] : Antenna International
Akufen : Deck The House : My Way : Force Inc
B Dalessandro : Dizo : Antenna Prohibition Act Of 2001 : Antenna International
Michi Meyer : [untitled] : Red Light District IV : DJungle Fever
Dabrye : With A Professional : Selections- One/Three : Ghostly
Ben Neville : ORACattaxx : Ciao!, America vol.2 : Orac
G-man : Enforcer : Beautiful : i220
Gadgets : Bon Voyage : On Earth : Gadgets
J Werner / D Peterson : Empathy / Entropy / Alchemy : Antenna Prohibition Act Of 2001 : Antenna International
Jay Burger : [untitled] : Red Light District IV : DJungle Fever
G-man : Defo : Beautiful : i220
Johannes Heil : Calling : Kanzleramt
Dub Taylor : fig.2 : [untitled] : Raum
Salz : [b1] : Salz
M.Rahn : Sunblocker : Raum
Novatek : Straight Up : Treibstoff
Abacus : Erotic Illusions : Fragile
Kenneth Graham : Mind Games : Saboteur
Mike Ink : [untitled] : Red Light District IV : DJungle Fever
Phoenecia : Odd Jobs - Adult's Compurhythm Version : Discrimination : Schematic
Sierra Romeo : Drandt : [untitled] : FWD
Shad T Scott : Sandpail : Sandpail EP : Isophlux
Richard Devine : [unknown] : Schematic
Gadgets : Bonjour : On Earth : Gadgets
Biochip C : Silent Running : Silent Running : Lux Nigra
Dinah Washington : Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby - MJ Cole Remix : Verve Remixed : Verve
Otto Von Schirach : Mr. Magnesium Falls In Love : House Of Distraction : Schematic
Akufen : Skidoos : My Way : Force Inc
Nina Simone : See-Line Woman - Masters At Work Remix : Verve Remixed : Verve
Lusine Icl : [untitled] : Coalition 2000 : U-Cover Inc
Funckarma : Elaztiq : Elaztiq : Neo Ouija
Severed Heads : A Million Angels : Ink
Severed Heads : Dead Eyes Opened : Ink
Marco Carola : [untitled] : 4th Question
D.Diggler : Drug Store : Raum
Silverlining : Dont forget your Ambdo-synper : : Tektite
Steve Austin vs. Electronic Data Processing : Stone Cold : Modelisme
Exos : Living Guides : My Home Is Sonic : AE
Steve Austin vs. Electronic Data Processing : Seconds Out : Modelisme
Exos : We : My Home Is Sonic : AE
Marco Carola : [untitled] : 4th Question
John Tejada & Arian Leviste : Channels Of Thought : Immigrant
Gentleman of Leisure (Alexi Delano) : Free Man : Immigrant
Malaria! v Chicks On Speed : KlatesKlaresWasser : KlatesKlaresWasser : Monika
Twerk : Holic : Tide Of Events : Planet Rhythm
Den Nard Husher : Info Space : Nard's Groove Vol.1 : Thule
Duplex : Escape Velocity : EP5 : Clone
Den Nard Husher : Shopping : Nard's Groove Vol.1 : Thule
Richie Hawtin : (r)edit #1 (freek'd) : Closer To The (r)Edit : Mute
Soft Ballet : No One Lives On Mars (Even Longer) Remixed By Carl Craig : Softballetforms : SSR
Anthony Rother : Biomechanik - Anthony Rother Mix : Biomechanik
Sica : Kijikrash Notebook : You Are Not Milk Machines : Neo Ouija
John Tejada : Antithesis : Antithesis : Sino
Joel Mull : [untitled] : Eroticon 6 : Inside
Mark Broom : The Moment : From One To Another : Speaker Attack
Surgeon : Golden : Balance : Dynamic Tension
Headroom : Hue : Kazumi
Chris Jackson : Territorial (Chester Beatty Rmx) : Cloned Vinyl
Rue East : Indoor Culture (Ben Sims Remix) : Pure Plastic
James Ruskin : Is It Really Me? : Into Submission : Tresor
Joel Mull : Fossil : Primevil
Greg Gow : ?Oxygen? : Seismic
Rino Cerrone : [b1] : Rilis 2
Danny Vigorito : Stroller : Windmill : Speaker Attack
G : Da Mono Man : The Mono Man EP : Force Inc
Danny Vigorito : De-Mo : Windmill : Speaker Attack
Adam Beyer : [b1] : Lost & Found : Conform
James Ruskin : Paranoia : Into Submission : Tresor
Speedy J : Pure Energy : Public Energy No.1 : Mute
James Ruskin : Set Up : Into Submission : Tresor
Rino Cerrone : Rillis 4
James Ruskin : Remaings 2 Rmx. : Code Red
Cari Lekebusch : [some friggin track in Swedish thats too long to spell] : Hybrid
Shufflemaster : Q-Hey : Subhead Rmxs
John Tejada : Antithesis - Steve Rachmad Remix : Antithesis : Sino
Frederik Schikowski : [untitled] : Mein Kleines Pony : Lux Nigra
Frederik Schikowski : [untitled] : Mein Kleines Pony : Lux Nigra
Akimiko : Kick Snare Kick Snare 4-Framecomicstripmix : Pocket Monsters Remixed : Lux Nigra
Artificial Duck Flavour : Pocket Monster (Extra Life) : Pocket Monsters Remixed : Lux Nigra
Multipara feat Blakista : Pocket Monster 2000 : Pocket Monsters Remixed : Lux Nigra
Black Jewish Gays : Tilt Tilt Tilt Mix : Pocket Monsters Remixed : Lux Nigra
Frederik Schikowski : [untitled] : Mein Kleines Pony : Lux Nigra
Frederik Schikowski : [untitled] : Mein Kleines Pony : Lux Nigra
Frederik Schikowski : [untitled] : Mein Kleines Pony : Lux Nigra
Zorn : Knottel Version (Den Genauen Titel Geb Ich Noch Bekannt) Remixed by Frederik Schikowski : Knottel Remixed : Lux Nigra
Zorn : Biochip C Meet R.I.C vs Braindub Devolution : Knottel Remixed : Lux Nigra
Zorn : Knottel (Gent Nach Hause) Remixed by Thaddi in Transalpin : Knottel Remixed : Lux Nigra
Geroyche : Pocketmonster - Buy! Buy! Buy! Remix : Pocketmonsters Remixed : Lux Nigra
Thaddi : Deep Pocket, Cute Monster : Pocketmonsters Remixed : Lux Nigra
Arovane : Monster Out Of The Pocket AMX : Pocketmonsters Remixed : Lux Nigra

That was a long show. Audiphile pretty much secured his position as hard kwore DJ numero uno after this set. Had some calls including Brian and Vallery (adds).

Academia, pt2:
There were a couple things I couldn't fit in to the first segment of Academia, so there's going to be a catch-up show
From 'unreleases':
Ilkae is Vexion and Dazee. Vexion is Vexion and Dazee is Trisome. Vexion is also working with Proswell. Vexion is also Aaron. Ilkae is trans-atlantic.

Craque is from Chicago and has established a reputation for organic, reactive live performances as well as an EP out on Metatron.

From '.be+.fr v .nl+.de':
A creative engine of a label, U-cover has supported acts from all over the world, as well as creating and continuing the Starfish Pool meets... project in which various artists exchange musical phrases in the form of locked-grooves (endlessly repeating cycles in a vinyl recording). With very promising publications still on the horizon, this will continue to be a label to watch for spanning many genres of listening music. U-Cover Inc-US division has been established for North American distribution.

FWD is a division of Eevolute distributed by Clone releasing IDM and ambient techno. With a brief catalog so far, Stefan Robbers has assembled some of the most elite artists, having included .de's Arovane and .us's Acceleradeck alongside his own EPs on the label.

Lux Nigra
Marching to its own drummer, Multipara's Lux Nigra label has managed to manufacture with minimal fanfare a solid and unique catalog of incomperable releases. Defying any standard description, these tend to range anywhere from hissing-sucking-breathing-grinding noise (no movement, no sound, no memories) to anthemic hard-techno floorburners (biochip c) to videogame soundtracks for 8-bit movies (Frederik Schikowski). Unfortunately, this label has remained so enigmatic that it's been difficult for the press, or likely even the fans, to pin down in any particular genre or narrow interest-group. Quality and originality are the benchmark here and 'LN' continues to push forward in that regard, even while retrospectively reissuing (HOPEFULLY) their long-unavailable initial release compilation, this time to 'polycarbonatum.'

from '.us, .au':
Antenna, created by Billy Dalessandro and Joshua Werner, is the home also of Marko Katic. Think dark tech-electro. Only a pair of releases to date but hints have been dropped that Yuppster and other local IDM purveyors may end up turning this label towards the more cerebral side of electronic. Yet to be seen...

A design firm and recording label. These guys show their habitat by supporting local acts who tend to wear their Chicago influence as a badge of honour. Releases from this label tend to have creative edgy interior-design styled art and are characterized either by the glitchy noise meets sparse industrial of TRS-80 and Salvo Beta or the Tortoise / Thrill Jockey feel, though diverging quite a bit from there with much of the rest of their roster.

Another fledgling Chicago techno label. Steve Tang's creations are the more melodic, swooning, futuristic, emotional and dynamic side of Detroit-influenced techno and his production skill and taste has shown on the label's output to date. Look forward to a resurgence by this artist and label in 2002.

Red Ember
First release featuring Emphasis Recordings' Steve Tang. A good starting point.