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etc 2002.Jun.29 00:30 210 minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

String Theory : Dregs : Anhedonia : Consumer's Research and Development
Burger / Ink : Elvism : Las Vegas : Matador
Alex Gordon : Electro-Glide : Small Craft Warnings EP : Tone Casualties
String Theory : Multi : Anhedonia : Consumer's Research and Development

Walter Carlos : Two Part Invention In D Flat Major : Switched On Bach : Columbia
Raymond Scott : Tic Toc : Soothing Sounds For Baby : Epic
Pulseprogramming : To The Expert Eye Alone : 1 of 2 in 2000 : Aeshtetics
The Notwist : Pilot : Neon Golden : City Slang
Brian Eno : St Elmo's Fire : Another Green World : Island
Super_Collider : Soily Soul : Raw Digits : Rise Robots Rise
String Theory : Tevatron : Smak 3 : SKAM
Vangelis : Heaven And Hell Part One : The Music Of Cosmos : RCA

Josh & Nathan...
performance of live and unreleased material as String Theory

Bus : Westen : Westen : ~Scape
The Orb : Perpetual Dawn - Ultrabass 1 : Perpetual Dawn : Big Life
Studio 1 : Keep On Rocking : Keep On Rocking : Profan
Akufen : Crack House Remix by Mark LeClair : Deck The House : Force Inc

Lowfish : Igloo Mux : Assorted Pieces : Suction
Mat-101 vs D'Arcangelo : Diagram 9 Remix : Snow Robots Remixed : Suction
Console : 14 Zero Zero : 14 Zero Zero : Matador
T Raumschmiere : [a] : Musick : Kompakt

Mum : Green Grass Of Tunnel : Finally We Are No One : Fat Cat

Donnacha Costello : Dry Retch : Together Is The New Alone : Force Inc

String Theory (SKAM, Consumer's Research & Development) Live + DJ set, m50

postscript: Josh started off their DJ set with a nice miscellaneous mixture of influences and inspirations for the group's self-made music. In the meantime I went and found some more wiring for their mixer and then when I returned with the goods they launched into a very computer-based performance of some of their latest work. The final, ambient wallowing piece featured live improvised noodling by Josh on the keys. Nathan had a bit of a rough time with crashes halfway through the set but then proceeded to get up and running again and pushed the software a bit. Next time more analog boxes will be in effect. We closed out the night with a silly on-air conversation session about nothing in particular.