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Streetbeat, etc: Promiscuity pt2 2002.Jul.27 00:30
210minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

m50, Craque, Brian Hammersley, DJ Skinny, Steven Tang, Charles Adler, Audiophile, DJ Mani, David Kullgren, Phonaut, Mercedez Ben, Marko Katic, & Vina...

Stereolab : Refractions in the Plastic Pulse - Autechre's Feebate Mix : Miss Modular : Elektra

Aphex Twin : Meltphase 6 : Drukqs : WARP
kid606 : Straight Outta Compton : Attitude EP : Tigerbeat6

Brian Hammersley...
Herbert : Suddenly : Suddenly [whitelabel] : !K7
Morgan Geist : Gone Fishin' : Crash Tracks Volume 2 : Metamorphic

DJ Skinny...
Shantel : Crystal : Backwoods : !K7
Delay : Cene : Vertical Forms : Vertical Form

Steven Tang...
Paul Mac : Flipped Force : Ongoing Saga : Immigrant
Steve Bug : A Night Like This - Octave One Remix : A Night Like This Remixes : Pokerflat
Ill Doggy : Funk Hole : [untitled] : Salo

Charles Adler...
Planetarium : [untitled] : [Pure Plastic 001] : Pure Plastic
Sterac : Primus : [Pure019] : 100% Pure

John Tejada & Arian Leviste : So Close, Far Away : Emo EP : Pornflake
Outlander : The Vamp : The Vamp : R & S

DJ Mani...
Danilo Vigorito : Body Line : Essence : Genetic
DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty : Spectral Hallucinations : Cloned Vinyl

David Kullgren...
Soundhack : B5 : Soundkit EP : Hardwax
Paul Mac : Remember These : Authentic Moment EP : Fragmented

Domina : [unknown] : Domina : Underground Resistance

Mercedez Ben...
Suguru Kusumi : Illegal (Original) : Illegal : Ladomat
Digital : [a2] : Intoleratio : Profan

Marko Katic...
Boo Williams : Flashback : [unknown] : Relief
Octave One : Blackwater (Alter Ego Rmx) : Blackwater : Ministry of Sound

Gus Gus : Love vs Hate (Craque Razor Kennedy Mix) : [unreleased]
Squarepusher : A Journey to Reedham (7am mix) : Hard Normal Daddy : WARP

Joel Mull : [a1] : Saftey Sessions : Drum Code
Vice : Let's Get High : Asylum Seekers : Black Nation

Brian Hammersley...
Dimbiman : Toyl : [unknown] : Perlon
Gemini : In My Head : Classic

David Kullgren...
[Burger] : [unknown]
Grain : Fatcat

Steven Tang...
Chip E : It's House (Dub) : TSOC Presents : Gotta Dance Records
Tang : Unwind : Nightfall EP [whitelabel] : Emphasis Recordings
NightTrax : The Meanwhile : The Search For Home : NightTrax

Charles Adler...
Morgan Geist : Vectors Of Interpretation : Quadri-locular EP : Metamorphic
Archetype : Nite Lite : Excursions For Reason EP : Sonic Mind
Archetype : Expand : Excursions For Reason EP : Sonic Mind

DJ Skinny...
Mark Broom : The Moment : From One To Another : Speaker Attack
Grain : [a2] : [untitled] : Fat Cat

Aero : Back Nine : Primary Colours EP : Hypercubic
Cari Lekebusch & Alexi Delano : Jamaica Center : [unknown] : Jericho

The Advent : Standing : Sooner or Later : Tortured
Urban : Bust A Nut Urban Rmx : Bust A Nut : Contamin8ted

DJ Mani...
Advent : Recreations (Mark Broom Remix) : [whitelabel] : Kombination Research
Glenn Wilson vs. Ignition Technician : Mutations II : [unknown] : Planet Rhythm
Dirty Dozen : Dirty Dozen Recordings 01 : [whitelabel] : Integrale

Speedy J : Fart Essen : IEEE Mitten Menu : Mute
Bolz Bolz : Paul Daley Remix : Take A Walk : Longhaul

Mercedez Ben...
Surgeon : Move : [unknown b/w magnese] : Downwards
Rue East : March : Indoor Culture : Pure Plastic

Malka Spigel : Hide (G-Man Remix) : HIDE : Swim
Fumiya Tanaka : Jack Knife : Jack Knife Ep : Torema
Paul Mac : Could Have Been : [untitled] : Pure Plastic

Blackman : Struggle : Blackman / Redrum EP : Black Nation Records
Rob Hood : [a2] : Duet 02 : Red Passion

Adam Beyer v Joel Mull : [a2] : Remainings II : Code Red
Dietrich Schoenemann : Never the Same Again : Never the Same Again : Donate

Marco Carola : Loop 1999 : [unknown] : Primate
Archtype : Hidden Forms : [untitled] : Black Nation

Henrik B : [a1] : Recolections : Drumcode
Oliver Ho : Many Worlds : Fusion Mix : Meta
Motor : #2 : [untitled] : Salo

Dr. Shingo : Have You Ever Seen The Blue Comet? - Takkyu Ishino Remix : Have You Ever Seen : The Blue Comet? : Forte
Johannes Heil : Ein Traum : Berlin 2000 : Bpitch Control

DBX : Losing Control : [unknown] : Peacefrog
Joey Beltram : Drome : Caliber EP : WARP

Headstrong : John Selway Remix : [unknown] : Framework
Funk D'Void : Diabla - Kevin Saunderson Rmx : Diabla : Soma
Ian Pooley : Balmes (A Better Life) JC's Remix : Balmes : v2
Oliver Ho : [b1] : Jeckal EP : Blueprint

Akufen v Oliver Hacke : 3.2 : Psychometry Remixes : Trapez
Laurent Garnier : Astral Dreams - LFO's Reality Mix : Astral Dreams : F Communications

[unknown] : [unknown] : [unknown] : Primate

Craque DJ set previously scheduled for this date has been moved to 2002.08.10.
More comments + photo coming soon... this show required a bit of work!
First, time to mention everyone that came. Roughly in order of their arrival, Mani "The (sub)urban Turban" Miglani (check promiscuity link at top for blurbs and links on everyone) Keith and Brian arrived in the parking lot at the same time as I got there, so we went in together. MacQueen was finishing up Clinically Inclined for the week and gave me a great introduction as well as finishing off with his signature Detroit Escalator Co. The next people, in some order, to arrive were Mike "DJ Skinny" Levitt, Matthew "Craque" Davis Ross, Vladmir "Audiophile" Grocic, and the pHonaut. After that came Charles Adler, Steven "Monomer" Tang, Lizzy & Sarah (some friends from NU who came down for the birthday party side of things), "Evil" David Kullgren & his friend whose name I still don't know, Tiffany & her friend whose name I also blank on, also friends from NU who stopped by only for a minute to wish happy birthday (thanks!!). Sarah and Lizzy brought cookies! Straggling in later on were Mike Rock, the infamous Kovin and his friend Christy. Mike Crotch and Kovin brought donuts and seemed to have a good time too, although seeming also particularly affected by the music (or perhaps other things). Somewhere in there Ben "Mercedez Ben" Goldberger and Brian Hammersley also came in, and last arrival for the evening was Vina, who had warned me earlier that she might not be able to make it but against all odds (and other commitments) managed to be present.

I kicked off the show and everyone there jumped on the mic and things were underway. Steven Tang's address stood out as he made brief but truly moving nod to the Chicago techno atmosphere in general. Early on, dexterous skills and selections were shown by Mr Hammersley and Mr Tang, the former showing some skill and funk in his native house flavour and the latter really setting the tone for a the early set with his melodic stabs and minimal, laid back vibe playing off of Brian's house beginnings. Shortly thereafter, Audiophile brought the intensity up a notch with his old-school cuts, trainspotted by all, and this set the stage for Mani to strike with the hard stuff before Kullgren chilled out the vibe again with an amazing track by Paul Mac, a producer who actually ended up being the clear favorite for the evening, played and cited by several in attendance. From there, a stripped down minimal style went into effect, with support from pHonaut, Mercedez Ben and then Marko Katic, in what would sadly be his only entry this evening. Craque played an amazing live collage of sound by manipulating his cut-up Gus-gus record and samples (from vinyl!) of newscasts immediately following JFK's assassination, following up with a Squarepusher track that dared the next DJ to top its manic intensity. Vina, who had just recently arrived, opted to return to the minimal style preceding Craque but stepped the intensity up a notch, and then watched it escalate with the performers who followed her. Soon we were treated to a 'white label' test pressing of Tang's upcoming EP on Emphasis recordings, and a little later on a couple more unreleased stompers courtesy of Mani, Advent vs Broom on Kombination Research and a cut on Intergale. In between there was even a surprising hard techno interjection by WNUR's own DJ Skinny, normally a more downtempo minded fellow. It didn't end up getting any less abrasive from there, and the rest of the evening was dominated increasingly by pounding grooves, occasionally digressing into melodic songs as well, showing most prominently when the styles of Steve Tang and Charles Adler would compliment in sequence. The crowd didn't really thin out much until it started to near 04:00, and the flow continued until the very last. Audiophile played some real classic techno songs, notably in one set where he dropped DBX's filtered anthem and then an almost Carl Craigesque rare shimmering WARP cut by Joey Beltram. Vina kept up the intensity and seamless mixing for the entire evening as well, garnering mentions from several others who were having their first time watching her spin. Overall, everyone seemed fairly satisfied with the atmosphere of creativity and interaction at the event and I was pleased especially with the musical content along with the flow, which managed to remain constant in spite of an arguably broader range and certainly more intricate lineup than the last event. Thankfully, though, Craque, Audiophile, Mani, and DJ Skinny were still present from last time and were able to carry over the ethic to all of the new participants.

Finally, at 5am Synctank arrived and relieved the three remaining: Audiophile, Vina and myself. Then embarking on the most extensive cleanup after my show ever, I finally completed that and drove home and to bed. Since then, the audio and visual aspects as well as the technicals were posted, and finally here on sunday I'm getting around to writing something on this evening. As for the pre- and post-parties, the damage (as surveyed at cleanup): one possibly blown speaker, one old style, one mike's hard iced tea, two amsted lights, one guinness, 4 bud lights, one red stripe, one bacardi silver, one missing earplug. Not bad, I guess. Oh, and I'm older.