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etc 2002.Aug.17 00:30 210 minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Norken : Painting - Uriel Mix : Static Soul Remix : Beau Monde
John Tejada : Memento : Western Starland : Palette
Dntel : Superpitcher Kompact Remix : (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan : Plug Research
I-Liner : Beltway (Velocette's 6/8 Reversion) : Beltway : Parallel
Gescom : Motor 3 : Motor : Source
X-Asp : Terra Firma : Terra Firma : Rephlex
µ-Ziq : Phi*1700 (U/V) : Phi*1700 (U/V) : R&S
Age : Lichtspruch : The Orion Years : Mille Plateaux
Stina Nordenstam : Little Star : Romeo & Juliet : Capitol
Stina Nordenstam : IDMonster Remix of Little Star : Little Star : Monotonik
Smyglyssna : Might-It-Be's and If-It-Were's : We Can Fix It : Vertical Form
Tang : Lull And Succumb : Nightfall : Emphasis
Random Factor : Broken Mirror (Acid Jesus [sic] : Broken Mirror : Playhouse
Random Factor : Broken Mirror (Original) : Broken Mirror : Playhouse
Soultek : [untitled] : Chapter One : Kompute
Tang : Overcast : Down A Different Avenue : Emphasis
UR : [untitled] : Codebreaker : UR
Keith Tucker : WDTR : Stick It In Your Ear : End To End
Airlocktronics : Reentry 2 : Try Saving A Dream : Satamile
Gique : Coolwarezdude : Coolwarezdude : Device
Lotus Project : The Theme : [untitled] : Path
Gique : Device Rider : Coolwarezdude : Device
Chaircrusher : Burundi 2 - Sean Deason Remix : Stone City : Cornwarning
B12 : Epilion - Fragmentation Musicology : Time Tourist : WARP
Apparat : Headroom : Algorithm : Jetlag
Ectomorph : The Haunting (Version) : Comin' From Tha D' : Intuit Solar
Tang : Windy City : [untitled] : Emphasis
Alton Miller : Relating To Life : Soundscapes & Vibes : Moods And Grooves
Infant : Pring : Growing Up : Neo Ouija
Astrobotnia : [untitled] : Part 01 : Rephlex
Apparat : Exponent : Algorhythm : Jetlag
Gridlock : Estrella (Long Version) : Expertise - A Prospect Recordings Compilation : Prospect
Gridlock : Estrella - Funckarma Remix : [unreleased]
Smyglyssna : Work Shall Be Abolished : We Can Fix It : Vertical Form
Smyglyssna : Triangular Ears : We Can Fix It : Vertical Form
Smyglyssna : The Duck People : We Can Fix It : Vertical Form
Smyglyssna : We Can Fake It : We Can Fix It : Vertical Form
Smyglyssna : Fractical Practal : We Can Fix It : Vertical Form
Someoddpilotrecords' The Timeout Drawer did not attend, but the show went on. This was a rare instance in which I actually managed to cover all of the material I intended to. Much much phone love, music love this week. I guess people like the old school shit. What can I say? I was pretty happy with the mix at the time and in retrospect, for the most part. Sometimes my ideas overstepped my skills, to be sure, but at least I'm still learning. No guests so no pictures this week.

Steven Tang @ http://www.emphasisrecordings.com/ for the music, for calling, and for listening, Lily @ http://www.verticalform.co.uk/ thanks for all the support, Kra:n:k @ http://www.paroticmusic.com/ props for the smartbar show & support, Matt Nee / Soultek @ http://www.komputemusik.com/ thanks for the music and support, Ray_rod @ http://www.heftyrecords.com/ thanks for support, much love into the future - good luck with Correspondance.001 & 002 CHICAGO, Kershon thanks for calling in and for listening, Sir K & Brendan Cox & David Siska thanks for the tunes (Age, Random Factor, and X-Asp respectively), Matt MacQueen & Maryjane & Jannisary thanks for listening and calling, Staaka @ http://www.progressivehouse.com/ for calling and listening in, Funckarma thanks for the music & support.

web pitch:
expect a healthy dosage of the Chicago styled indie rock/electronic of Someoddpilot Records, including K-rad's newest offerring, Salvo Beta, and Tortoise styled bands. following that will be my set of perhaps more classically oriented ambient techno, to feature several mid-1990s IDM centerpieces alongside their more recent contemporaries focussing in particular on songs by Smyglyssna on Vertical Form out of the UK, plus more local output by Kompute Recordings' Soultek, Detroit's Cornwarning label, and Moods and Grooves records.
e-mail pitch:
in case you're still wondering what's going on tonight... expect a healthy dose of the Chicago styled indie rock/electronic of Someoddpilot Records likely including K-rad's newest offering, Salvo Beta remixes soon to be released, and Tortoise styled emotive crossover instrumental bands like La Makita Soma and The Timeout Drawer following that... my set of perhaps more classically oriented ambient techno to feature several mid-1990s IDM / electro archetypes think: Redcell, AFX, X-asp, Velocette, U-ziq alongside their more recent contemporaries think: Tang (hot off the press!), Datathief, Airlocktronics, Soultek, Chaircrusher, Keith Tucker there will also be a Henrik Johansson focus recording songs as Smyglyssna on on several unique releases by Vertical Form, UK