2005.Feb.05sa 00:30 CST (90minutes, WNUR, etc)

Mikkel Metal
Sprang (2003)
Close Selections
Roman Flügel
Pattern One
Tracks On Delivery

Tin-Tole-Lata: "Hue Song" STATION [AI]
Digitonal: "Come and Play" 23 THINGS FALL APART [Toytronic]
DoF: "March" CTRL-SPACE [Modsquare]
Marshall Watson: "Square Wheels" THE TIME WAS LATER THAN HE EXPECTED [Highpoint Lowlife]
Quantazelle: "Late Blazing Kinch Theme" COASTER [subVariant]
Max Spransy: "Forgot How to Fix" CTRL-SPACE [Modsquare]
Direkt Jive: "Remind" [VOL 3] [Detroit Underground]
Diagram of Suburban Chaos: "Brane Damage" [STATUS NEGATIVES] [Imputor?]
Venetian Snares: "Twelve" INFOLEPSY [Coredump]
Aphex Twin: "4" RICHARD D JAMES ALBUM [Warp]
Digitonal: "Overline" 23 THINGS FALL APART [Toytronic]
1010 & Mr. Projectile: "Illustions" AND THEY MET [Semisexual]
Lusine: "Ask You" SERIAL HODGEPODGE [Ghostly International]
Bola: "Eluus" GNAYSE [Skam]
Phylum Sinter: "A Bridge Burnt, Another Built" CTRL-SPACE [Modsquare]
Ochre: "Rem Sleep Research" A MIDSUMMER NICE DREAM [Toytronic]