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We Really Care 2005.Apr.29fr 22:00 EST 4hours @ Luke & Leroy, Manhattan
Dan McLeod (Ohio - Molotov records), Cowboy Mark...
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m50 v Cowboy Mark (m50's setlist)...
Peter Grummich : Jakmonster : Searoom : Spectral Sound
Feadz : Sekstyle : On Level M : Bpitchcontrol
Gebr. Teichmann : [untitled] : Aus der Ferne : Kompakt
Clark : Clip : Lofthouse : Planet E
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs : Sandwiches : Sandwiches : Throw / Jive Electro
Ultradyne : [a1] : [untitled] : Surface Effect

no recording of this set.
2011.06 addendum: as I recall, a pretty shit night. thanks to my mum for coming through, and for thom goerner for driving us there. the bouncers at the door didn't even want to let us in, said the party was over. really lackluster.

2005.04.29fr Enabler & The Crucial Get Down present: We Care A Lot
Dan McLeod (Ohio - Molotov records)
m50 (Chicago - WNUR, WCKS, Flavorpill Chicago, subVariant recordings)

Dirty Jean
Cowboy Mark
@ Luke & Leroy
21 7th Ave South (corner of Leroy)
New York, NY