Severe Exposure 2005.Jun.28tu 22:00 PST 1hour : KPSU, Portland)

M>O>S : Yzin : Utilities #2 : Rush Hour
Paul Mac : Remember These *5 : Authentic Moment EP : Fragmented
Landesvatter : Move : Move EP : Parotic Music
Triton : Green I : Green : Zer0 G Sounds
Round Five : Na Fe Throw It (Version) : Na Fe Throw It : Mainstreet
Triton : Green : Green : Zer0 G Sounds
Mathew Jonson : Marionette : Marionette : Wagon Repair
Ellen Allien : Magma (MFA Remix) : Magma : Bpitchcontrol
Mathew Jonson : Marionette (Live Version) : Marionette : Wagon Repair
Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava : Delay Lama : Delay Lama : Perlon
Das Krause Duo Nr. 2 : The Woman : Rambazamba : Musik Krause
Timo Antilla : Kind Textures : Textures Delivered : Tactile
Localfields : When I Drown : Lovers and Creepers : Zer0 G Sounds
Ultradyne & Redshift : [a] : [blue] : Surface Effect

fun set, thanks Ava :]
definitely a successful gig: it turned out that Senor Frio got to play a completely impromptu live set on the show following Severe Exposure, I think it got caught on the recording too! this was the first PDX date after I got back from Cannon Beach, cheers to S.F. for the ride out and for the foresight to bring along the laptop, he knew just where the station was... well until we got inside the building. an interesting space, and the dj girl after the show after Avas wasn't joking about playing rock and more rock. not really much in the way of feedback via the phone on this set, but a silly interview happened regardless.