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2005.Aug.26fr 22:00 CST 4hours @ Riverhorse, Milwaukee

no setlist

Björk : Possibly Maybe (Lucy Mix by LFO) : Telegram : Elektra
Mike Ink : Paroles (Mike Ink Remix 96) : Paroles : WARP
Feadz : Magnetfeld : High-B EP : Bpitch Control
Mike Ink : Paroles : Paroles : WARP
Yard : Mitten : Bloom EP : Narita
Hieroglyphic Being : Lost In Translation : Liquid Sex : Spectral Sound
Heiko Laux : Sense Fiction (Alexander Kowalski Remix) : Sense Fiction (Remixes Part 2) : Kanzleramt
Hieroglyphic Being : Isosceles : IF : Mathematics
DMX Krew : Clockworks : The Transactional Interpretation : Rephlex
Pendle Coven : Petroleum Therapy : Trig Point EP : Modern Love
Basic Units : Explode : [split] : Firewire
Arne Weinberg : Palan Excelsis : Terminal 1 : Narita
Geoff White & Sutekh : [untitled] : Delay 6 : Delay
Zachary Lubin : Introduction To Algorithms : Controllability EP : 6277
Adam Marshall : Model Classic Future : Experimental House Approach : Antenna International
Anders Ilar : Hydro : Hydro : Shitkatapult
Gescom : Motor 2 : Motor : Source
AFX : Fenix Funk 5 : Analord 10 : Rephlex
Atropa : Reverb Fairy + The Unfinisher = The AGDsc.nfo_v2 : Shimo & Hono.001 : Consumers Research & Development
Innerstance Beatbox : Hi-Sa : Your Eyes Are Like UFOs My Darling : Consumers Research & Development


nice club, the promoters bring in their own sound (and sub) and that helps immensely. super friendly bartender. lackluster crowd. the highlight was the occasional rain showers that were visible slanting downwards against the streetlight through the window behind the dj booth. I'm guessing that the water scared away the stragglers who were hanging out at the tables outside when we arrived. oh no, the highlight was actually when the guy came in in just his knickers, soaked head to toe from the rain, and just as he got to the bar chris' breakbeat breakdown hit, the dude raises his arms to the sky (ceiling?) and yells "Moral Kombat."

stayed with Destro on this trip. super cool dude, very nice time. notably this was probably chris & my first breakfast with soy milk. quite nice. it should also be noted that this was the first date on the mini-tour we scheduled with Acceleradeck, who cancelled at the 11th hour (late the same afternoon) due to unforeseen circumstances.