impromptu Streetbeat session 2005.Sep.15th 23:30 CST
1hour @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Vladislav Delay : The Fourth Quarter : The Four Quarters : Huume
Robert Strauss : Giving Me Something : Quasars and Phasars : Freerange
Tar File Junction : Cool Blue Albion : Sampler 2000-2005 : Ai
Arctic Hospital : Frost Castings : Terminal 1 : Narita
The Dolls : White Dove : Music By The Dolls : Huume
Andrea Parker : Melodius Thunk : Kiss My Arp : Mo Wax
Andrea Parker : Sneeze : Kiss My Arp : Mo Wax
Person : [b1] : Just Don't : Spezialmaterial
Timtim : Atwater.ca Apparat Mx : Camping : BPitch Control
Vladislav Delay : The First Quarter : The Four Quarters : Huume

"man, your mixing is just like your productions, fucking nuts." thanks Jeekoos ;]
this one I did off the cuff with new material as Jeekoos needed relief and Stax didn't make it into the studio I guess. a nice time in the pouring rain, thanks to Matt from Kresge and David D from PTS for listening in (the latter on his 33rd birthday!). no recording of this set.