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Part Time Suckers 2005.Oct.15sa 19:00 CST 3hours @ DNBRadio, Chicago
no setlist

Malcom Kipe : Man Vents : Breakspiracy Theories Vol. 1 : Merck
Boards Of Canada : Sixtyniner : Twoism : Music70
Dieselboy : Render : Render : Palm
Joe Franks : Kapiolani : New Town : Ai
Bogdan Raczynski : [untitled] : Samurai Math Beats : Rephlex
Lusine ICL : Sustain : Sustain : Delikatessen
The Angel featuring Cokni O'Dire : Selector (On Tha Otha Side Of Midnite) (E-Sassin Remix) : Selector : Supacrucial
[uncredited] : [a] : Special Blends Volume_One : Modern Love
Astrobotnia : [untitled] : Part One : Rephlex
The Amalgamation Of Soundz : 4:31 : Sharm : Tru Thoughts
Squarepusher : [untitled] : Do You Know Squarepusher? : WARP
Dual Purpose : Runfastmaybefaster : Runfastmaybefaster : 30mil
Biochip C : Liquid Silence : Sunblocking : Lux Nigra
Dieselboy : Render (Technical Itch Remix) : Render : Palm
Innerstance Beatbox : Hi-Sci : Your Eyes ARe Like UFOs My Darling... : Consumers Research and Development Label
Diverse : Die Slow : Die Slow : Chocolate Ind.

no setlist

this was a great night, I felt like everyone's sets were right on, we had the world best food (no hyperbole), everyone had just enough energy to make it happen, and Marshall & I went off to the Timeout Drawer show afterwards, after we mutually discovered that the rock show we were both planning on going to was the same one. Cringer takes great photographs and is helping me learn how. PTS are some of the best folks out there. Positive feedback from Dr. something on dnbradiochat, and someone else on the chat couldn't deal with my set. Polarized responses indicate that at least someone's paying attention, right?