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etc 2006.02.04sa 00:30 CST 210minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago
Area : Pulling Down : [unreleased]
Pellarin : Lav Sol : Tango EP : Statler & Waldorf
Area : I Never Give Up : [unreleased]

Matt Mercer...
James Din A4 "Das Chinesenschwert" (Esel)
Ricardo Villalobos "Erso" (Cadenza)
AM/PM "Tar In Between" (Dreck)
Mossa "Gastrula" (Orac)
Alex Smoke "Titti" (Vakant)
Nooncat "Sex" (Trenton)
Hug "The Happy Monster" (K2)
M.A.N.D.Y. "Naomi (Dirt Crew Ghetto Dub Mix)" (MBF)
Gabriel Palomo & Lee Chameleon "Lunar Connoisseuer" (Zuyuva)
Depeche Mode "Photographic (Rex the Dog Remix)" (Mute)
Northern Lite "Something" (1st Decade)
Modeselektor "Turn Deaf!" (BPitch Control)
Cervo Boys "Boyz" (Cervo)
Trendsetter and the Followers "ABC1" (Musique Risquée)
Ada "The Red Shoes" (Areal)
Baxendale "I Built This City (Michael Mayer Mix)" (Kompakt Pop)
David Carretta vs. Ido "Et Si Mix" (Leitmotiv)
Nitzer Ebb "Control I'm Here (The Hacker Remix)" (Mute)
British Murder Boys "Fist" (Downwards)
Cirez D "Control Freak (Adam Beyer & Henrik B Remix)" (Mouseville)
Ben Klock "Glow" (BPitch Control)
Ministry "Over the Shoulder" (Sire)

Yard : Workeet (Death By Freedom By Area) : [unreleased]
Mark Broom : Together : From London With Love : Bpitch Control
Barbara Morgenstern : Ellen Allien Mix (Edit) : Aus Heiterem Himmel : Monika
Ellen Allien & Apparat : Do Not Break : Orchestra Of Bubbles : Bpitch Control
Modeselektor : Dancing Box (Sleeparchive Rmx) : Hello Mom Remixes : Bpitch Control
Smash TV : Air : Air : Bpitch Control
Kettel : Waiting For Tonight's Wonders : Making Gentle Love To Famous Ladies : TINA
Tomas Andersson : Copy Cat : Copy Cat : Bpitch Control
Gimmik : [untitled] : Raginakudo Parto Du : Eat This
Cepia : L2 : Dowry : Ghostly International
Judith Juillerat : Mes Nuits Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Jours : Soliloquy : Shitkatapult
Monolake : Postcard (Edit) : by Full Swing : [Edits] : Orthlorng Musork
Area : b (Jeekoos Remix) : [unreleased]
Dan Curtin : Cleveland : From Our Hoodz To Yourz... : Angelmaker
Solvent : I Am From Zimbabwe : Heimelektro Ulm Serie - Teil 2 : Heimelektro Ulm
Donnacha Costello : Your New God : Together Is The New Alone : Mille Plateaux
Donnacha Costello : In Spite Of Everything : Together Is The New Alone : Mille Plateaux
Manual : Overview - Underwhelm : [untitled] : Hobby Ind.
Mitchell Akiyama : Her Summer Has Only Days : Jip 2 : Eat This
Funckarma : [untitled] : Raginakudo Parto : Eat This
The KLF vs Ricardo Villalobos : What Time Is Love? (Veto Retro Mix #2) : What Time Is Love? : Blaou
Sniper Mode : Blackened Skies : Wastelands : Mikrolux
Area : Doon : [unreleased]
Robag Wruhme : Luciano Rmx : Wortkabular RMX : Musik Krause
_Aa_ : Greenmont Road (Resurfaced by Area) : [unreleased]
Ricardo Villalobos : Fools Garden (Black Conga) : Alcachofa Tools : Playhouse
Mike Shannon : Tears : Possible Conclusions To Stories That Never End : ~scape
Acustic : Vacation : [split] : Hobby Ind.
Tomas Jirku : Go! : Go! Stop! : Klang Elektronik
Yard : Portabello (Portamento by Area) : [unreleased]
Judith Juillerat : Piece Of Folk : Soliloquy : Shitkatapult
Judith Juillerat : Vol-Au-Vent : Soliloquy : Shitkatapult
Judith Juillerat : Slack Time 4/Flow Remix (By Thomas Fehlmann) : Slack Time Remixes : Shitkatapult
that set went pretty well too, matt played for a good while and had effective develoment throughout the set