2006.03.18sa 00:30 CST (270minutes, WNUR, etc v Part Time Suckers)

1.tci and stress level - skanked
2.? - Ragga soul (chronic 032)
3.laurent garnier - 1st reaction (dj marky and drummagik remix)
4.aliz perez - dub rock
5.visionary - stand up
6.soulproof - inna dem clothes
7.a sides - nature girl
8.markus intalex - afrika
9.loxy and keaton - judgement day (resurrection mix)
10.phantom audio - k2
11.white label
12.kinnetix - critical mass
13.decoder - stash (decoder remix)
14.total science - do u know
15.dj krust - warhead (tc remix)
16.spirit - raygun
17.j b williams - west coast east coast
18.audio - wolfgang

19.enduser - indecision
20.ripclaw - runaway
21.krumble - special warnings
22.sixteenarmjack - taking over
23.tech itch - heavy metal (b key remix)
24.limewax - start
25.enduser - blood and metal
26.deos - welcome to new york
27.enduser - beatdown (society suckers remix)
28.nine millimeter - rothclaat (original punnany mix)
29.kryptic minds and leon switch - deserts of the real
30.enduser - kill it
31.ripclaw - sensi
32.debaser - the children version
33.sliwka tuitam - selekta (pfk kompany)

34.gremlinz and friske - shattered
35.spirit - scrabble
36.dj ink - corpe diem
37.vicious circle - between the lines
38.jade and matt v - treachery
39.quadrant - manipulated living
40.cyb orc - final transmission (phace remix)
41.silent witness - triple seed
42.unknown error - hellraiser
43.teebee - choices
44.teebee - hunter
45.silent witness and break - don't rush it
46.cartridge - x-1
47.klute - learning curve
48.mathematics and mijatoho (ft. jon jon) - move it down

Dr Dillow...
49.submerged - i love you but i choose darkness
50.spl - bullets
51.tza - on the inside
52.t3mul3nt - kill for me
53.black flag and vector burn - the riot
54.tech itch - hex
55.tech itch - judge
56.limewax - pain
57.future prophecies - illusions of time (raiden remix)
58.teebee vs future prophecies - dimentional entity
59.corrupt souls - sentinal
60.noisia and phace - homeworld
61.bt - knowledge of self (evol intent remix)
62.counterstrike and sunchase - nemesis
63.dance for life - breathe (bse remix)
64.silent witness - trip wire
65.break and silent witness - trippy