Brandon B's 29th? 2006.05.19fr 22:00 PST 5hours @ ???, Portland
some progressive dj...
no setlist

Brandon B...
no setlist

Abe Duque : [a] : What Happened? : Abe Duque
Prince and the Revolution : Erotic City : Let's Go Crazy : Warner
Detroit Grand Pubahs : Chocolate Thunder : Blind Date w/Dr Bootygrabber : Logistic
Mathew Jonson and The Mole : Dirt Road and a Boat From Soundwave : Speicher 26 : Kompakt
Surgeon : Death Before Surrender : British Murder Boys : Downwards
excellent fun time, great basement action. this followed up Eliza's birthday party. went with senor frio, sci fi sol, and let's go outside. no recording. there were yummy cupcakes, though - courtesy of sci fi sol.