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etc 2006.10.06fr 23:00 CST
3hours @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago
Los Hermanos : My Mother's Guitarra (Mix 1) : Influence EP : UR
Voiteck : Hieroglyphics : Tribal Mechanics : Truck
Surgeon : [b2] : Waiting For Me : Counterbalance
Den Nard Husher : Sun Down : Nard's Groove : Thule
Adam Beyer & Joel Mull : [a] : Remainings II : Code Red
Tomito Satori : [a1] : Monochrome EP : Exhibit

Matt Mercer...
Burial "Wounder" (Hyperdub)
Frank Martiniq "Use Fuse" (Boxer)
Sami Koivikko "Materialist" (Shitkatapult)
Booka Shade "Darko" (Get Physical)
Liebe Ist Cool "L'amour Pur" (Electric Avenue)
Stephen Beaupré "My Old Lady Silhouette" (Musique Risqué)
R_Garcia "Honkeywrench" (Subvariant)
Microfilm "Young Adult Fiction (Marcel Proust Mix)" (Nomimusic)
Metope "I'm So Ready (Sleeparchive Remix)" (Areal)
Hug "The Chopper" (K2) Gui Boratto "Like You (Supermayer Remix)" (Kompakt)
Christian Fisher Vs. Superflu "Wired" (Magnetic Disorder)
Mathias Schaffhäuser "November Reign" (Ware)
Autechre "Arch Carrier" (Warp)
The Modernist "Dali Bop Horizon (Reval Mix)" (Eat It Raw)
Paul Nazca "Ephemere" (Bpitch Control)
Pelle Buys "Magdeburg" (Kompass)
AFX "Batine Acid" (Rephlex)
Andi Teichmann "Nicoff" (Festplatten)
Mat-101 vs. D'Arcangelo "Diagram 9 (Remix)" (Suction)
DJ Koze "Lighta Spuba" (Freude-am-Tanzen)
Matthew Mercer "I Don't BMartinezelieve It" (unreleased)
"Bedouins" (Out of Orbit)
Doudou Malicious "Ne/3" (Safari Electronique)
Matt Mercer : Nervous Twitch : Secrets II : Neuton
Touane : Accordi : Gum EP : Trenton
Audion : Mouth To Mouth : Mouth To Mouth : Spectral Sound
Florence : The Vineyard (Peter Ford Remix) : The Vineyard : Eevolute
Max Kahlen : Unwerk : Unwerk / Solex : Strom
Farben : Beautone : Beautone : Klang Elektronik
Sami Koivikko : Pääjääsä : Pääjääsä : Spectral Sound
Swimmingpool : Chic Plaza (Rmx by Lowtec) : Surrounded By Disco : Combination
Sweet Exorcist : Clonk (Homebass) : Clonk : WARP

thanks to penny for coming down, and to terri and my mum for calling, and to nathan for messaging