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etc 2006.11.10fr 22:30 CST 210minutes @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Thomas Fehlmann : Next To The Field : Pop Ambient : Kompakt
Lithops : [part 1] : 3x/Nov.2006 : [unreleased]
Massonix : Forests Of Crespo (Kelp Forest Range) : Subtracks : SKAM

Touchmaster Infinity...

no setlist

m50 & Lithops interview session, Lithops mix : Live @ WNUR : 2006.11.07

"How am I going to get into Hall & Oates from here? Now I'm really fucked." Quote of the night courtesy of the Touchmaster, who also brought a ladyfriend to the studio with him. Thanks to my Mum for messaging, and to Jeekoos and Phonaut for tuning in.