2007.02.03tu 22:00 PST (1hour, Rx Gallery, Konverge)
selections from:
Steve Poindexter : Maniac (Unreleased & Reworked) EP : Mathematics
Sleeparchive : Hospital Tracks : Sleeparchive / Hardwax
Various : Terminal 2 : Narita
Mat Carter : Zark Time : Varial
Il.ek.tro : [untitled] : Klang Elektronik
Various : Groovetechnology v1.3 : Groovetech / !K7
M>O>S : Utilities #2 : Rush Hour


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David Siska...
no setlist

this easily ranked as the worst gig of the year. from matthew dear getting picked up by the promoter at the airport right next to us, to the cockroaches in the bathroom, pretty much completely bad news. the venue ended up closing early because not enough people showed up, we had people showing up asking where the other show the promoter was putting on was, the promoter who I spoke with earlier the same afternoon who said she'd be at the show never showed up, and then afterwards most everyone from the show headed out to one of the competition's shows. the next day I threw out my back something ferocious and was plagued by it for the rest of the month. thanks to j_moody and florence for putting up scifisol, senor frio and me. satamile was there and didn't even get to play because of when we closed. thanks to the guy from southern outpost for coming through.