etc 2009.10.09fr 23:30 CDT 3hours @ WNUR 89.3 FM, Evanston-Chicago

Flint Glass: Brain Speaking Machine (Xabec remix) [Nyarlathotep - Brume Records]
Jon Hopkins: Colour Eye [Insides - Just Music]
Hecq: Never Not (Dissolved remix) [Golden Pines - Binkcrsh]
Michael Fakesch: Rand VA [Marion - Musik Aus Strom]
Abs6: Premier Traitements [v/a: Miwak Twelve - Hymen]
Cex: Love Cop [v/a: American Breakbeat - Klangkrieg]
Flatline Skyline: Be Good To Them Always [All Sound / No Vision - Mechanoise Labs]
Tapage: What I Wish Upon None [Fallen Clouds - Tympanik Audio]
Famine: Mercury [v/a: Elektroanschlag 4 - Elektroanschlag]
Ginormous: Punches To Carefully Coax [At Night, Under Artificial Light - Hymen]
The Great Mundane: The Squid and the Tiger [v/a: You Are Here - Illinois - Connexion Bizarre]
Blitter: My Girl's A Barrier Machine [v/a: American Breakbeat - Klangkrieg]
Displacer: X Was Never Like This... (Famine remix) [X Was Never Like This... - Tympanik Audio]
Marching Dynamics: What You Have Done [v/a: Metallic Connections V1.0 - Decisive Sound]
Adapter: 2 Steps To The Sun [Life Is Math - M-tronic]
Tonikom: Peripheral Movement [The Sniper's Veil - Hymen]
Mint: Aquarius [Cardboard Rocketships - Boltfish Recordings]
Kettle: Fishfred [Myam James Part 1 - Sending Orbs]
Anhedonia: Evacuation Guidelines [v/a: Monopol 5th Anniversary Compilation - Monopol]
Flaque: Acoma [Mindscapes - Wycombe Music]
Mnemonic: Zeit Zerstort [Monokultur - M-tronic]
Modeselektor: B.M.I. [Happy Birthday! - BPitch Control]
Justin McGrath: Gust (The Great Mundane remix) [Reconstructions - Shade:Red]
Phylum Sinter: Drowning Coins (DC Insurance mix by JFrank) [From Unity To Segmentation - En:peg]
Apparat: Contridiction (Lusine rmx) [Things To Be Frickled - Shitkatapult]
Wisp: Congratulations [NRTHNDR - Sublight Records]
Alias: I Would Like To Write A Song That... [Muted - Anticon]
Cacheflowe: A Dreary Flight Over The Datescape [The Reprogramming Project - Plastic Sound Supply]
Echorausch: Sens [Different Waves - Funkwelten]
Deru: Between You And Me [v/a: Miwak Twelve - Hymen]
Autoclav1.1: Daedulus (remix by Keef Baker) [Indelible - Nein Records]
Access To Arasaka: xt10.20zp9 [:Port - Illphabetik]
Millipede: 30,000 [All My Best Intentions - Hymen]
Unterm Rad: All For Naught (rmx by Aphorism) [(unreleased)]
Einoma: Truflun [Encam - Trachanik Records]
DNN: 37 Degrees (Atmogat rmx) [Try To Feel - Halbsicht Records]
Forma Tadre: Opposing Forces [The Music of Erich Zann - Forma Tadre]
Access To Arasaka: Recon (feat. ESA) [Oppidan - Tympanik Audio / Spectraliquid]
Blackfilm: Se5 [v/a: Miwak Twelve - Hymen]
Amon Tobin: Mighty Micro People [Out From Out Where - Ninja Tune]