Techliks 2012.04.07 @ Ginglik, London

DJ Stayhome, Kone-R...
no setlists

Chas Jankel : Glad To Know You : Glad To Know You : A&M
Levon Vincent : [a] : Double-Jointed Sex Freak : Novel Sound
Daniel Bell : Bleep : Blip, Blurp, Bleep : Logistic
Jeff Mills : Peart : The Drummer : Purpose Maker
Jeff Mills : Bonham : The Drummer : Purpose Maker
Jeff Mills : Cobham : The Drummer : Purpose Maker
Fred P : Open (Mars Mix) : 4th Dimension : Soul People Music
RNDM : No Beginning : 2010 : Dial
Kenny Larkin : Bass Mode : Keys, Strings, Tambourines : Planet E
Joel Alter : Soul Clap (Savas Pascalidis Edit) : Soul Clap : Sweatshop
Daniel Stefanik : Effervescing Elephant : The Madcap Laughs EP : Freude Am Tanzen
Rave : [a] : [whitelabel]
Iz & Diz : Mouth (Brad Peep's Remix For Friends) : Mouth : Classic
Daniel Stefanik : It Is Obvious : The Madcap Laughs EP : Freude Am Tanzen
Boombox Hooligans : Filthy Rhythm : January 2005 : Area DJ
Herbert : Going Down : Leave Me Now : Soundslike
Telex : I Don't Like Music (Stacey Pullen Mix) : Snakes & Music : SSR
Robag Wruhme : Wortkabular (Luciano Rmx) : Wortkabular : Musik Krause
Koze : Cicely : All The Time : Philpot
Abe Duque : What Happened? : What Happened? : Abe Duque
Marco Shuttle : Dontuwant : All Around The Fires : Clone
Common Factor : Storm : That Was Then : Playhouse
Disco Nihilist & Daetron Vargas : [untitled] : [untitled] : Construction Paper
Theo Parrish : Dusty Cabinets : Pieces Of A Paradox : Sound Signature
Legowelt : Moves For CeeCee : Moves For CeeCee : Clone
Legowelt : Dreams Of Nova Scotia : Moves For CeeCee : Clone

well, the good parts were: kone-r took good care of me: had a nice place to sleep, shower, picked up kaz' crackers & pita (wrong pita I guess, but worth a try), guided me through the labyrinthine tube system, and we all went out for a nice pizza dinner at a massive mall near the venue. ginglik is great: hidden underground in plain view; entrance through a traffic island; low ceiling; decently loud & well-rounded sound, expertly monitored by EK50 from Insekto, Semtek and Langer and Kone-R's friend Justin all came through, as well as Stayhome's girlfriend and her brother and his girlfriend, so we had a nice little corner going. the night was marred by slight technical glitches: one channel of the record-output on the main mixer was dead, Langer spilled beer on the mixing desk so that didn't help, and when I started my set the Serato started acting up significantly, but for the most part Kone-R and EK50 were on top of things.
the crowd, on the other hand, was a total fiasco. alternatingly beligerent and petulant throughout the course of the night, early on I had a blonde guy come up and tell me to "play faster, no-one is dancing" and then gesture to the mostly-full dancefloor and moan woefully. later a drunk spanish guy asking for shakira, and then trying to climb up the front of the stage & decks to explain to me that he really wanted me to play shakira, girls asking if I have any r&b, one girl actually coming up to ask "do you have any music you like" at which point I got snappy and replied that I'd come all the way from Chicago to play them shit music all night. another girl just asked if I was going to be playing music "like this" all night, and looked dejected at my reply, later a girl standing in the middle of the dancefloor was demanding r&b in 1 minute, 2 minutes? 3 minutes? later pouting at me still from the same spot saying "what's wrong with you?" even though there was a decent dancefloor most of the night, people would insist on standing in front of the stage, sometimes even taking time for SMSing there. towards the end of the night an indian girl came up, I turned way down the mains to give her a proper audience, and undaunted she asked if I had anything else, complaining that she was a captive listener, then trying to be concilliatory asking that I might at least have prodigy, and requesting to search through my records, looking shocked when I stopped her. frustratingly, all of this hubub threw me off my game, so while the mixes were fine, I don't feel like it was a particularly inspired show.
on the serindipitously bright side, kalli lent me his copy of round ireland with a fridge, i started it on takeoff and read the last words on landing back in berlin. it seemed fitting.