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Anything Is Possible 2013.03.30 @ Primary, Chicago


Mix Mup...
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no setlist

Marco Shuttle : Dontuwant : Dontuwant : Clone
Voices From The Lake : Reptilicus : GPH19 : Geophone
Fumiya Tanaka : For Set #2a : Floor.People.Tension : Torema
Kangding Ray : Rise (Alva Noto remodel) : Pruitt Igoe : Raster-Noton
Raw Series : [untitled] : #02 : Raw Series
Kate Bush : Running Up That Hill (Re-Edit) : RUTH-001 : RUTH
Blawan : Scarborough Harbour : Long Distance Open Water Worker : Black Sun
Blawan : Breathe Them Knees In : Long Distance Open Water Worker : Black Sun
Brendon Moeller : Mainline (Robag's Relokk Tokk Mikks) : Mainline : Echocord Colour

m50 v Lubin...
m50's side of the moon:
Bad News : More Bad News : Bad News : L.I.E.S.
Stanislav Tolkachev : Heartbeat : GPH19 : Geophone
Zombie Zombie : Illuminations (Discodeine Remix) : Illuminations : Versatile
Jackmate : Star Liner : Carrier : Phil e
Koze : I Want To Sleep : Let's Love : IRR
Nicolette : No Government (Plaid Remix) : Parts In The Post : Peacefrog
Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker : Lerchen Und Eulen (Radio Slave Remix) : Thirty Six : Ovum
Bass Clef : Ghost Kicks In The Spiral : Reeling Skullways : Punch Drunk

thanks to ana miskovic, tanya & guram, gera & yulia, sveta, keter darker, sarah kim, ashina, nicole davis, cpkay, arturo, dj jazzy L, doug & saren, joel chandler, karl meier, brian patty, jay caston, marc & quantazelle, chris roberts, chris brown, lord gorn, christo haserot, constance, murph, teri, derek specs, christine navarro & artur. after the initial technical hiccups (all sorted in soundcheck, thankfully) it was quite a memorable night of wax and cats. highlights included the topless and remarkably endowed black lady swinging her shirt over her head enthusiastically during zach's set, dueling fist-pumping action from gorn & chrisroberts (the latter apparently trying to reach into the speak horns to extract the sound), specatcular visualizations from Lokua, and an enthusiastic crowd from beginning to end. well, at the beginning they were more attentive than enthusiastic, but we did last closing...

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