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etc 2013.10.11fr 22:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

prior to starting the recording-
Sorrow: Dreamstone
Austin Cesear: Shut In
Sorrow: Intruder
Arovane: Scrai-n
Download feat. Omar Torres: D.o.G.
File#1 131011PhonautWNUR_Pt1.mp3 playlist
Hecq: 0008
Woob: Electric City III
FSOL: Appendage
A.P.: Garden Therapy (excerpt)
Skyscaper: Noctilucent Clouds (Kasm rmx)
Federsen: Voodoo Gourds (side b excerpt)
Sorrow & Owsey: To Yearn & To Reconcile
Nocow: Be There
Boards of Canada: Cold Earth
DeepChord: Lisbon
Set 2-
Earth House Hold: Deeper Than You've Ever Known
Machinedrum: Body Touch
Martyn: Far Away
Mark Fell: S.O.A.4
Stereonerds: Hard Disk Rock (Don't Stop!)
Atom™: Stop (Imperialist Pop)
Alva Noto: Uni Iso + Uni Acronym
File#2 131011PhonautWNUR_Pt2.mp3 playlist
Set 3-
DeepChord: Ghost Theory
Low Orbit Satellite: The Shell
Odd Machine: Phase Out
Pulshar: Nospheratu (Echospace Reduction)
Set 4-
DeepChord: De Wallen
Fatih Tuter: WSV
Vainqueur: Elevations I (version 3)
Woob: The Surface
High Skies: The Shape of Things to Come
Ishvara: Under A Hexagon Sky
Pub: First Slight
Coil: Tiny Golden Books
Vir Unis & James Johnson: Continuous Prehistory (Pts 1-2)