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etc 2014.01.03fr 22:00 CST @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

no setlist

Andrew Duke...
01 Patchworks--Celebration (Amp Fiddler rx); In The Dark: Detroit Is Back comp (Still Music CD011)
02 Tom Trago--Down Under; The Light Fantastic (Rush Hour RHM006-LP)
03 Juan De Dios--Spirituals; Shadows (Sound Black)
04 Wasserfall--Make It; Travelling While Sleeping (Greta Cottage Workshop GCW07V)
05 Nubian Mindz--River Way (unreleased)
06 Strong Souls--Don't You Know; Remember When (D3 Elements D3E001)
07 Stark--Resso db (unreleased)
08 Keith Kemp--Tantrum Beat; Noncom11 (Noncom 11)
09 Rob Belleville--Irreversible Change; Inner Harmony (Matrix 26)
10 Inner City--Big Fun (Zoo Brazil rx); Big Fun 2013 rxs (KMS 134)
11 Taho--Altess; Eternhae (Lumina)
12 Musumeci--Jitoku; Human Revolution (Engrave Ltd ELTD03)
13 Joel Alter--Decipher; Sweatbox (We Are WRR029)
14 Echo 106--Frozen And Faint; Infernal Regions (Lux Rec LXRC014)
15 Justin Berkovi--It Begins; Agenda 2022: An EevoNext comp (EevoNext NEXT2022)
16 Marco Zenker--Second Sight; Genesis Tracks comp (Sistrum SIS022)
17 Felix Lenferink--Fifth Forlane; Forlane II (Shipwrec SHIP021)
18 LB Dub Corp (Luke Slater)--Roller ft Function; Unknown Origin (Ostgut Ton OtonLP15)
19 Manorak--Animator; Animator (Seventh Sign 7SR024)
20 Terrence Dixon--Radio Room; Badge Of Honor (Surface SF TDX LP1)
21 Myles Serge--Dot 4 (Dot 4)
22 D-Knox--Body Intelligence; Cosmic Computer comp (Sonic Mind)
23 Zoe Zoe--Org; Twista (Telefonplan TELE001)
24 Mosca--Press Up; A Thousand Year's Wait (Ann Aimee Ann018)
25 Hugo Slime--Up To One Level (unreleased)
26 Esteban Adame--Roll Off; Brown Dream (Ican Productions ICAN010)
27 Alton Miller--Ngizo Ku Linda (inst) (Moods & Grooves MG-053)
28 Louis Guillaume--652AM; Sweet Dreams (Teng TNG009)
29 Mod.Civil--Loop; Opto Watts (Ornaments ORN028)
30 Elect Pt 1 (Andreas Gehm)--On And On; Four Seasons Vol III comp (Got2Go G2G004)
31 Rivet--Crane Dance; Driftwood (Skudge PT009)
32 Estroe--False Identity; Comfort And Closure (EevoNext NEXT50)
33 Chronophone--As I Watch You From Behind ft Mike Anderson (Chrome Rodeo rx) (Rawax)
34 Neville Watson--Wired; Hot & Heavy (Don't Be Afraid SPE002)
35 Kat Channel--Second Floor; Four Seasons Vol III comp (Got2Go G2G004)
36 Headless Ghost (Ripperton)--22; 77 (Tamed Musiq 006)
37 Anaxander--Atlantic Spray (unreleased)
38 Snuff Crew--Move Me; Behind The Masks (Bpitch Control BPC274)
39 T Y O N--Make It Fat; Flaw18 (Nsyde 007)
40 Hakim Murphy--Vortex Mastering; Freeform Terraforming (III Rivers IIIR-II)
41 Sabre--Condor Sense (unreleased)
42 Tr One--Viceroy-9c; The Muscle, The Beets comp (Apartment APT05)

Wolfgang Voigt : 1.1 : Zukunft Ohne Menschen : Profan
Echologist : M13 + DPO : Storming Heaven : Prologue
Overcast Sound : Third Pass : All We Know Fades : Wil-Ru
Echologist : Guilty Pleasure : Storming Heaven : Prologue
Zwei Kreise : Crash Landing : Athene Island : ???
Actress : Time : Ghettoville : Werkdisks
Zwei Kreise : Silences : Athene Island : ???
Lackluster : Trull Cakes : Container : deFocus
Lackluster : So Short : Container : deFocus

thanks to ashina for holding down the timeslot beforehand, thanks to kera for stopping by