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Boogie Mansion 2014.01.31fr 22:00 @ Multi Kulti, Chicago

Cratebug, Jamie 3:26, Cos. RTST, Beyond Luck, Tim Zawada, DJ Moppy, Boogie Munsters...
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selections from:
Velvet Season & the Hearts Of Gold : Camel Toe Central : Lucky Hole
Floating Points : People's Potential : Eglo
LTJ Edits : Super Value Special Edits
Ateq / Edward split : Giegling
Bubbah's Tum : Dirty Great Mable Remixes : iLL
DJ Sotofett presents Fran Benitez : Lagrimas Negras : Wania
Magic Mountain High : Tiny Breadcrumbs : Off Minor
Butric : Up : Sei Es Drum
Jordan GCZ : Crybaby J : Off Minor
Dark Acid : Clan Destine
001 : Sued
Kyle Hall : WO6K : Wild Oats
Lucretio : Broadside : Machines State
Theo Parrish : 71st & Exchange Used To Be... : Trilogy Tapes
The Hundred In the Hands : Dressed In Dresden : WARP
Dream House 1.4 : Blind Jack's Journey
Joel Mull : Imagination : Inside
Vakula : 002 : Leleka
Harmonious Thelonious : The Malag EP : Meakusma
Sun Ra : Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol 2 : Art Yard
DJ Gilb'r & DJ Sotofett : Concrete Guajiro : Versatile
Webster Wraight Ensemble : The Ruins Of Britain : Miso
Susumu Yokota : Over Head : Play
Kyle Hall : Must See : Third Ear
Denaji : Dharma Drama : Unthank
Golden Teacher : Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night : Optimo

thanks to moppy for inviting me, to molly k & dr spazz & gera & tanya & guram, milosh, tracy fox, arturo, amy, to the cute girl with the scissors - I don't know if she was making fun of me or what but I'm awkward like that, to jamie 3:26 for saying hello, to sev + cos for being so supportive, to ashina for being a TROOPER in the snow with me, to kim koch, to kera & her friend, and to everyone else who supported. kera said that she saw in this evening the turntables / records as an instrument, which was an interesting insight.