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etc 2014.06.06fr 22:00-02:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago


DJ Lgcc...
Geoff Mullen - Untitled (A1)
Slava Ranko - Right Hemisphere
Bee Mask - Stop the Night
Kuwayama Kijima w/ Carter Thornton - Shrine
Dreamlogicc - September Showers
Blues Control & Laraaji - City of Love
Silverman - Cantstandtherain (Clark Remix)
Static Effect - Living With The Odor
Dreamlogicc - Membrane Theory
Jerome Baez - Twn Pks
Tarje Gullaksen - Dub #2
Grain - The Moon And The Stars
Zenith - Heal
Kit Clayton - Tongue Under Lip
Vessel - Stillborn Dub
Dreamlogicc - An Inner Inn
The Orb - Baghdad Batteries
Dreamlogicc - Trp
Brandon Nickell - Sutro
Akiko Kiyama - Vague
Frederic Robinson - Mixed Signals
Slant Azymuth - Intervision 2
Laurel Halo - Hour Logic
Odd Machine - To Learn More
Vril - Cto

CiM - Discos Alta
Jim O'Rourke - NAMM (Weekend Pass Mix)
Bjork - Undo from Verspertine
Reinhard Voight - Untitled from Premiere World
Jim O'Rourke & Violent Onsen Geisha - Endless Summer NAMM
Herb Alpert - Rotation
Untitled track
Reinhard Voight - Untitled
Jim O'Rourke & Violent Onsen Geisha - Endless Summer NAMM
Benjamin Brunn, not sure of the track name
CiM - Skim 2
Reinhard Voight - Untitled
Carsten Endraß- Untitled on the label Markant
Lokua , a kick from the album Trails
Birds and Atmospheres
Art of Noise - The Chameleon's Dish
Photek - The Fifth Column
Pepe Bradock - Hello!
Korben Dallas - All This Music
NJB - One Of Those Nights
Euphonic 7 feat. Kevin Yost - Getting Away From It All
Hi-Lo - He Didn't Know

notes for DJ Lgcc's set:
21 vinyl records and 4 CDs, some guitar, some effects-microphone, mixed over the course of 1 hour, 41 minutes, 17 seconds