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etc 2015.02.20fr 22:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Sherwood & Pinch : Bucketman : Late Night Endless : Tectonic
Tigrics : Friend's House : Thin Drum : Kind Gesture
Loris Ligonzo : First Breathe
M>O>S : Utility #2 : Utilities #2 : Rush Hour
Daze : Death Whirl : Neuromance : Lobster Theramin
Area : Circadian : One Less Me : [whitelabel]
LoShea : From The Hills : Bide : Never Learnt
Davor : Painting Still
Dick Richards : Lichen : Cratif : Raum
G-man : Lime (Face) : Avanti : Force Inc
Pigon : Kamm (Function Version) : Kamm Interpretations : Lirum Larum
Wa Wu We : Silverstar

Slowerson, Ashina...
no setlists

amazing phone call from Max, telling me about how the music & groove are good for meditation, reflection, and dancing, all of which are very important. and about how the free radio waves go out into the solar system, and about how he's been listening for a long time. all very much appreciated. also a nice visit from the NU shuttle driver (sorry, I didn't get her name!) who is an old school house head ready to critique the program. and of course a visit from robert when I couldn't get into oacr. and the student looking for computers. and from joe greenbaum and from shyam. and Thelonious Funk messaging in. a busy night!