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etc 2015.06.01mo 14:00-18:00 @ Intergalactic FM / IFM3 Radio Galaxia, The Hague

Rod Modell - Hotel Chez Moiz
Robert Rich - Liquid Air
Bedouin Ascent - Composition C for Neutral Space - Lo Recordings
Makaya McCraven

Eltron John...
Bjorn Torske & Siob Latsyrc – Percussion Mix (Mix 1) [Sex Tags Mania]
Ruritania - Cut #2 Revisited (B.Baran Operator Remix) [Ruritania self-released]
Erdbeershnitzel - Cushion [Delsin]
Un Drame Musical Instantan - L'Homme La Camera (Eltron John Rework) [DDD]
Japan Blues - Half Deaf Pulse [Berceuse Heroique]
Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal (Foresight Version) [Nu Groove]
Newworldaquarium - Tresspassers [Delsin]
Universo - Amazones [Transatlantyk]
SLG - Fluuta [STEP]
Mark Ernestus meets Ben Zabo - Dana Dubwise [Glitterbeat]
Finis Africae - Bahia de los Genoveses [EM]
Universo - Sus [Transatlantyk]
Dead Heat - Dedication 882 kHz [Parachute]
Ptaki – KKocham Ci Ju Tyle [Transatlantyk]

Fennesz - Shift - Seven Stars
Stephen Vitiello from Tright and Dusty Things
Vertonen from Return of the Interrobang
Police shooting in Ames, Iowa
Thomas Brinkmann - Beate on Ernst
Stephen Vitiello from Tright and Dusty Thing
Makaya McCraven - Time Travel from In The Moment
From Crossed Wires on Clockwise Records
Farben - Live at The Sahara Tahoe, 1973
Wax - 50005B
Stephen Brown - Fire Exit - Afterlife
Jill Scott - I Am Music (Doc Link)
Sascha Funke from Safety First on Kompakt
Selection from Sonic Vocalizer
Stephen Vitiello from Tright and Dusty Things
Jon Lucien - Listen Love
Aja West & Cheeba - The Sister from Flash & Snowball
Pepe Bradock from Imbroglios Pt. 2
The Last Poets - E Pluribus UnumÂ
Doctor Rockit - My Little Brazilian Pony on Rythmix
Basketball at Horner Park
from Extreme Possibilities on Lo Recordings
Tim Tetlow from Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge
Robert Rich - Liquid Air
Art Ensemble from Garance.Melodie… on Artifact
Photek - UFO (Majjik Remix) from Form & Function on Science
8088 - Mentalelement - Beneath The Realm on Sidereal Records
Klute - My Black & White (Calibre Remix) on Commercial Suicide
Selection from The Blue Night Network LP Volume 1 on Public Transit
Stephen Brown - One Two from Afterlife
DJ Bone - Hop from Whatubelieve
Voiteck - Takada from Monorail on Bush
Drexciya - The Plankton Organization - Tresor 182
Bjork - Declare Independence from Volta
Thomas/Mayer - Super Confusion - Total 1 - Kompakt
td5 - Untitled b2 from Activity Below the Surface on Truck Musik
Mike Wade from First Breath EP on Archetype Records