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etc 2017.05.26fr 23:00-02:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Ben Vince...
Hype Williams - Dream City (New Mix)
Bianca Scout - Patience
Klein - ???
Ben Vince - Kangeroo Plaza
Arca - Piel
Naaahhh - My Theme
Tomaga - Bachelor Machines
Afasia Yuri - Tranceformation
Shinichi Atobe - World 5
Don't DJ - Evolve
Chevel - Say What
Ben Vince - Transition
Electric Elizabeth - Malfunctioning Amp
Kailin - Circling
Cooly G - Hand Control
Demdike Stare - FullEdge (eMpTy-40 Mix)
Charles Hayward - Spinning On An Atom
CAN - Mushroom

Turn No Into Yes...
Kassem Mosse + Lowtec + Perm + Diashi
no setlists

Carlos Casas : Avesta : Pyramid Of Skulls : Discrepant
Shielding : Morgonsekvens
Dreamlogicc : Video Drones : MDS005 : Main Drain Studios
Soukie & Windish : Head Up My Dear (Kalabrese Dub Mix) : LOOM - Remixe : URSL
Dast : Skulkyoe : Emozioni : Souvenir
Koen Hoets : Nostalgia : Datum Plano : Oblique
kuf : mantra
Piiptsjilling : Bernehan : Bernihan : Piiptsjilling
Koen Hoets : Datum Plano : Datum Plano : Oblique
Submersible Machines : Abbysal Plains : Waypoints : Photic Fields
+plattform : Morne : Twelve : Ploink
Robert Hood : Pneuma : Paradygm Shift : Dekmantel
Johannes Albert : Cottbus : Cottbus : Corp
Call Super : Depicta : Depicta : Houndstooth
kuf : Span
kuf : Djembe : Imperfektionism : Under Molnet
Perbec : Come On With Me (Inst. Mix) : Come On With Me : ifach
Cold : Dialogic : Exiles : AE
Half Nelson : Temptation : First Step : Breaker Breaker
PTU : Lizard : A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day : trip
Schizophrenia : My Splendid Idea (With Rude Yoghurt Flange) : My Splendid Idea : Mighty Force
Natalie Beridze : Those Things (Thomas Fehlmann Remix) : Love Is Winning : Monika Enterprise

lifetime subscription

it always starts the same: you become a part of life.

you have no idea of what was there before or what you were doing, and yet, that's it, you can now sense that you are within something moving, breathing, heart pumping. something that sings, that speaks, that whispers and screams, all at the same time. an ocean of noise and forces.

you might not like that noise, but you're inside it now, and even, you are making noise too. and just like that, the ocean got a little bit louder. again.

this thing called life.
from the void, you start to be. from the void, you're dropped in the middle of the playground, with no warning or asking. let the fun begin, right?

and yet, here it is, already: your first ­ and what first! ­ subscription. . with this thing subscribed you to, a whole universe has open its doors for you: the fantastic world of subscriptions. a lifetime of offers and wonders, choices and decisions. a place where everything is possible ... as long as you subscribe.

from now on, and until life's dusk, you will be offered a thousand of roads and paths to enlight this thing they say is your existence. it won't last forever though, and don't even start to think there will be enough for everyone. hurry, humble customer, subscribe, subscribe, there is so much to gain! and it won't be for much: all they want is your time, will, thoughts and energy.

what would you like in return? there's all you need: light, love, mo- ney, jobs, freedom, beer, friendship, juice, smiles, laughs, and tears, knowledge and speed; tv for dogs, dogs for humans and humans for tv, jazz music, techno music, house music, rock music, music, music, music, there's dicks, there's cunts, assholes, youth, wisdom, sardines, chocolate, mysteries and certitudes. 42. yellow leaves and red curtains. some relief then, no more pain. you're damn right life is great. life is rich, and full of mysteries yet to discover.

you have the right to believe that the spoon does not exist. that the cake is a lie.
after all, you did felt these breaches of light when you took the red pill. when you felt love, or whatever that was, that time, that time or that time. when you encountered art, no matter its form, that time, that time or that time. and you do remember very well when you heard that timeless loop in the zukunft morning for the first time.

and you started to wonder if you should not have had more from the sunset.

as charles b. would say, you could unlearn the teachings of the church, state and educational system. you could be here to drink beer. to kill war, and everything that stands in your way. get rid of the fear, and embrace the unknown. to laugh at the odds and live your life so well that death will tremble to take you.

life is rich, and full of mysteries yet to discover.
see you, wanderer.


some things are heavy and some are not. why is it like this? style for instance seems to have no weight as long its timely and modern. gravity might change, but style endures. it's not how low you go, but where and when you show up. temporarily the peripheric mainstream may attract more likes then the contemporary self-contempt. gravity can be a bigger enemy then yourself. don't let gravity get you down!

mix mup's new 12" is fighting for a world where gravity is for everyone, regardless of rpm, bpm or bitrate. in this times mix mup and mikrodisko are standing as proud allies together. we shape magic carpets out of black gold! M12 vinyl slices will beat the terrestrial gravity! hover the spoon. over the moon.


Inspired by the common task (Fedorov) and the people of Pamir in Tajikistan, filmmaker and sound artist Carlos Casas deconstructs far away sights and sounds to create a unique field recording experiment that equally worships past, present and future traditions.

Music and sounds recorded and mixed under the spell of Nikolai Fedorov and inspired by the teachings of Jomboz Dushanbiev. Nikolai Fedorov thought the Pamir to be the cradle of humanity, the hidden and forgotten nest, a Pyramid of skulls that holded the secrets of past human kinship. He believed that most of Asian myths of human origin pointed the Pamir region as their inception. For the Chinese, Indian, and Semitic myths that that mountainous region of Central Asia, often referred to as 'the roof of the world' was the key to understand and start his resurrection plan.


A distant wind, with sounds of howling dogs and wolfs, wind becomes loud, sounds of birds in a distance confuse with wind, distant sounds of wolves, a distant radio sound is becoming clearer, a voice in Farsi is commenting and giving news, while a sound of working the land, earth working, sounds mix with the sounds of dance music pop music from the radio, we move inside and we hear a praying session, a funeral prayer, we hear the sound of a fire mill, and as we move to another space we hear a women singing a lullaby for a child, on a distance room we hear the voice of an old man speaking in Bartangi language, Sound of a Mill, becomes a music sound of low key and sustain drone sound, melancholic drone, with sound of room with a TV set on, the film The Bear is on, the old man voice comes back, while the film continues, Farsi voice in the film. And the sound of the mill returns, a loop and continues mill sound takes over.


A water current is rhythmically flowing, while a chorus of female voices singing Dargillik, Lallaik, gets confused with electronic produced sounds, and interruptions or glitches like of digitally archived material, we hear a small river or water flowing, some voices appear, static sounds and a mechanical alarm sound becomes louder, like a mechanical beep, sound of daf or frame drum, a women voice start singing a lullaby, while we hear a rhythmic sound of cradle swinging, electronic sounds and static distortions become present, providing a confusion like a recording machinery, interfering with the voice, a rhythmic pattern of electronic beeps and clicks appear and sound of water flow returns, Become more intense, an artificial rhythm electronic pattern becomes accelerated and gets interrupted by water flow again, to close again in a crescendo of bursts, a zooming and bursting booming starts, music compose of glissandos like voices weathered from the past, a slow tempo melody of a distorted piano sound and the sound of rain in the background, and storm starts while the melody continues, the storm takes over.

Siponj Variations


THE SOUND OF GHIJAK with the voice of Jonboz singing, a background sound flourishes in the back, a classic repertoire, and bells arrive followed by a rubab played simultaneously with a daf, a rappoh, followed by lalaik tanboh, nolai tanbur, Maddoh intertwines with electronic interferences.

Dargilik Variations

Jonboz offers a rendition of dargillik classic. Thanks to Theodore Levin, Fairouz Nishanova, Zulobi RIP, Hichigh and Siponj villages and its
inhabitants without whom this recordings and experience would have never existed.

Special thanks to Saodat, the princess of Turkestan, for being there for me, sharing and opening all these worlds.

Bartangi - Dirushani - Rushani family of Pamir languages, ancient branch of eastern Indo European branch

Carlos Casas about Nikolai Fedorov:
Fedorov thought the Pamir to be the cradle of humanity, the hidden and forgotten nest, a Pyramid of
skulls that holded the secrets of past human kinship, He believed that most of Asian myths of human origin pointed the Pamir region as their inception. For the Chinese, Indian, and Semitic myths that that mountainous region of Central Asia, often referred to as 'the roof of the world' was the key to understand and start his resurrection plan, There he thought the cradle of the human race might have been located; he wanted to make a Russio-European expedition to excavate and discover the bones of these early men and by doing so not only provide a tangible proof of human kinship but also unite Russia and Europe. […]
For Fedorov Homo sapiens was a weak animal appalled by the forces of nature, and subjected to a senseless and endlessly recurring cycle of birth, procreation, death and disintegration. Yet God had endowed him with Reason and so it was, his duty to introduce some rational order into this irrational universe. He could and should further transform nature from 'a temporary enemy into an eternal friend'. Unfortunately – and this was one of the major causes of human disunity – knowledge had become divorced from action.

Like Karl Marx, his coetaneous, Fedorov thought that the intelligentsia should change nature, expand it and transcend it, studying it was just a first step, to change it, he was disappointed and dissatisfied with their inability to propel change. However, he envisaged changes of far reach ideas from those propounded by Marx. Between his disciplines we can highlight Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky who visited Fedorov extensively at the Library at Rumyantsev Museum and whom went to become essential to understand men’s journey to space, and that will be the strain to understand Russian space program, and 1961 first journey into space by Yuri Gagarin.

Fedorov was equally critical of both capitalism and socialism because both institutionalized the struggle for mere material possessions. Wealth and poverty were surely less important than life and death, and humanity's childish lust for 'toys' was the sign of its mental and spiritual immaturity. The 'Intelligentsia', according to Fedorov, studied nature without giving any thought about how to change the world to become perfect, better. They studied causes without considering the ends. No higher purpose guided their often random scientific research. So whenever this intelligentsia acted and applied their knowledge, it was to promote industry which manufactured unnecessary consumer goods
(the possession of which merely increased the gap between the 'haves' and the 'have knots'); or, worse still, they applied their knowledge to devise abominable weapons which increased distrust and hatred between nations. Universities were nothing more than 'the backyards of factories and army barracks, that is, serving industrialism and militarism'. To protect their wealth, the rich promulgated laws, set up courts of justice, established police forces and other unbrotherly institutions. As to the poor, they rationalized their envy, greed and frustration by turning to socialist theories and violent revolution overturning the power structures without changing men’s ability to change nature and the world. All Matter is the dust of ancestors, for Fedorov everything that ever lived was to be channeled and brought back to live anew.

Whatever topic he wrote about, Fedorov brought in his main idea of the Common Task – how to achieve universal brotherhood, rationalize nature instead of merely exploiting y her bounties, overcome death, resurrect the ancestors and create a united humanity worthy of governing the universe. The obsessive emphasis on the duty of the sons to resurrect their forefathers can possibly be ascribed to his traumatic childhood experience of losing both his father and his grandfather at the age of four, and to a subconscious guilt complex for having failed to keep them alive through adequate love. However, there is also a theoretical reason for his emphasis on filial love; for although humans share with other
animals both sexual love and love for their offspring, only human adults remain tied by affection to their parents when they no longer need their protection in order to survive.

For Fedorov the Pamir was the center of the worlds unrecorded history, as the place where he envision the rebirth and where thought older men was buried. The Pamir were for Fedorov like a Pyramid of Skulls, a mountain of humanity sedimented one on top of the other, he forsake a vision of humanity where all people will be resurrected and all will be able to share the world, this idea of the common task, is probably one of most radical theories I have ever grasped, its incommensurable vision is so far reached, that is hard to understand, way beyond its spiritual, theological and technological interpretation, its full comprehension enters a new realm of humanism.

-Carlos Casas. 2017