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etc 2017.12.01fr 23:00-03:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

Jon Doppler...
-Vladislav delay- Onttola
-Man and the Moon presented by the National Boulevard Bank of Chicago
-Low Profile Society- Example 3
-Esp woody McBride love comes in small doses sometimes
-Bjork- Possibly Maybe (Lucy mix)
-Curved Light- Aurora
-Dynamo Dresen- Tape 4 (SVN remix)
-Dreamlogicc - Video Drones
-Scorn - Far In Out
-Lucy and Rrose- Chloroform
-Autechre -Overand
-Oscar Mulero- Mechanical Function
-Unbroken Dub- Lullaby Arp
-Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Heart of Sogguth
-Kris Wadsworth - High
-Pedrodollar and Samo DJ- Rusty Acid Edit
-Developer - Telekinesis
-Steve Summers- Resist (Original Mix)
-Sandman - Away From Clobe
-Tripeo - Anipintiros #5 (Ben sims mix)
-Talmen 785 and Multi -D220
-Blawan- Scarborough harbor
-Yan Cook- Puffin
-Yeni- Axon (Original Mix)
-214- Keep Right
-Daniel Savior - Albedo
-Romans- Coptos
-space dimension controller- J2TCOYUS (Kyle Halls I'm only breathing remix)
-Look Like- Control
-1800 Haight Street- Necklace of Heads
-Rhomb- Lavina
-Low Tape- Sad But Thru
-Randomer- JuJu
-V Key- Low Tek Flirt
-Tripeo- Second Trip
-Madder Modes- Myth of the Muses
-AWB - the Fifth Element
-David Spaans- Purple Sealing
-Juzer- Maniac Hop
-Aaron Carl- Crucified
-Adrianna Lopez - Entre Lineas
-Ross From Friends - Durum Wheat
-Nikakoi - Raise Your Head_Smell the Air (HVL space edit)

Equiknoxx : Flagged Up (Mark Ernestus Remix) : Mark Ernestus Remixes : DDS
Marlon Hoffstadt : Second Track : Themes From My Future Self : Midnight Themes
Jon Doppler : [a1] : Security : Kimochi Sound
YIM : [untitled] : Man In Two Suitcases : Hybrid
Michael Claus : Open Circuit : [untitled] : Sllva Electronics
Laksa : RAM : Workout : Bastakiya Tapes
Donato Dozzy : C : Volume 1 : Afterhouse Series
Bunny On Acid : X=Y : What Colours Are : Studio Rockers
Bjarki : Drab 2 : Geothermal Sheep Vol. 1 : bbbbbb
Deniro : Penance : Mendoza : trip
Pinkcourtesyphone : Lure : Indelicate Slices : Room40
Sleep D & Albrecht La'Brooy : Marshland : After The Rain : Analogue Attic
Shine Grooves : Night Reverberation Jam
Hannu Karjalainen : Angel : A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert : Karaoke Kalk
Pub : Paper Aeroplane : Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? : Ampoule
Ethereal Logic : Close Encounters With Strangers : Tales From An Extraordinary Trip : Slow Life
Cofaxx : 10 Block Radius : Pico Vu : Nous
Vtgnike : Ritual Crew : Collection : Gost Zvuk
Hannu Karjalainen : Meille : A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert : Karaoke Kalk
Shielding : Untitled (Xmas)
Mimicof : Moon Sync : Moon Sync : Alien Transistor
Neglect : Forbidden Knowledge By Forbidden Means : This Is Not A Door : Proxima

unfortunately jon deleted some photos from my camera, so we'll go with an unrelated avatar this week, but otherwise nice show. thanks to eric for helping the show before mine get on the air, and thanks to dj lgcc for tuning in.