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etc 2017.12.19tu 11:00-15:00 @ Terry Radio, Kansas City

(originally broadcasted on 2017.12.01)
Jon Doppler...
-Vladislav delay- Onttola
-Man and the Moon presented by the National Boulevard Bank of Chicago
-Low Profile Society- Example 3
-Esp woody McBride love comes in small doses sometimes
-Bjork- Possibly Maybe (Lucy mix)
-Curved Light- Aurora
-Dynamo Dresen- Tape 4 (SVN remix)
-Dreamlogicc - Video Drones
-Scorn - Far In Out
-Lucy and Rrose- Chloroform
-Autechre -Overand
-Oscar Mulero- Mechanical Function
-Unbroken Dub- Lullaby Arp
-Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Heart of Sogguth
-Kris Wadsworth - High
-Pedrodollar and Samo DJ- Rusty Acid Edit
-Developer - Telekinesis
-Steve Summers- Resist (Original Mix)
-Sandman - Away From Clobe
-Tripeo - Anipintiros #5 (Ben sims mix)
-Talmen 785 and Multi -D220
-Blawan- Scarborough harbor
-Yan Cook- Puffin
-Yeni- Axon (Original Mix)
-214- Keep Right
-Daniel Savior - Albedo
-Romans- Coptos
-space dimension controller- J2TCOYUS (Kyle Halls I'm only breathing remix)
-Look Like- Control
-1800 Haight Street- Necklace of Heads
-Rhomb- Lavina
-Low Tape- Sad But Thru
-Randomer- JuJu
-V Key- Low Tek Flirt
-Tripeo- Second Trip
-Madder Modes- Myth of the Muses
-AWB - the Fifth Element
-David Spaans- Purple Sealing
-Juzer- Maniac Hop
-Aaron Carl- Crucified
-Adrianna Lopez - Entre Lineas
-Ross From Friends - Durum Wheat
-Nikakoi - Raise Your Head_Smell the Air (HVL space edit)

Equiknoxx : Flagged Up (Mark Ernestus Remix) : Mark Ernestus Remixes : DDS
Marlon Hoffstadt : Second Track : Themes From My Future Self : Midnight Themes
Jon Doppler : [a1] : Security : Kimochi Sound
YIM : [untitled] : Man In Two Suitcases : Hybrid
Michael Claus : Open Circuit : [untitled] : Sllva Electronics
Laksa : RAM : Workout : Bastakiya Tapes
Donato Dozzy : C : Volume 1 : Afterhouse Series
Bunny On Acid : X=Y : What Colours Are : Studio Rockers
Bjarki : Drab 2 : Geothermal Sheep Vol. 1 : bbbbbb
Deniro : Penance : Mendoza : trip
Pinkcourtesyphone : Lure : Indelicate Slices : Room40
Sleep D & Albrecht La'Brooy : Marshland : After The Rain : Analogue Attic
Shine Grooves : Night Reverberation Jam
Hannu Karjalainen : Angel : A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert : Karaoke Kalk
Pub : Paper Aeroplane : Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? : Ampoule
Ethereal Logic : Close Encounters With Strangers : Tales From An Extraordinary Trip : Slow Life
Cofaxx : 10 Block Radius : Pico Vu : Nous
Vtgnike : Ritual Crew : Collection : Gost Zvuk
Hannu Karjalainen : Meille : A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert : Karaoke Kalk
Shielding : Untitled (Xmas)
Mimicof : Moon Sync : Moon Sync : Alien Transistor
Neglect : Forbidden Knowledge By Forbidden Means : This Is Not A Door : Proxima