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etc 2017.12.29fr 23:00 @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

AFX & Luke Vibert : Spiral Staircase : Orphans : WARP

Midori Hirano...
1.Asuna - after years
2.c_c - O00O00²
3.Niobe - i took it off
4.Niobe - just night tonight a last talk
5.c_c - 09-09-14_bis
6.Grischa Lichtenberger - 001_002_no in rev + 1115_10 d_2
7.The Pitch - A01
8.Mads Emil Nielsen - Distance
9.Spirit Fest - Take Me Home
10.Jan Jelinek - Morphing Leadgitarre Rückwärts
11.Mount Eerie, Julie Dorion, Fred Squire - Voice in Headphones
12.Midori Hirano - She Was There
13.Midori Hirano - Aros
14.Midori Hirano - Get Off The Train
15.Midori Hirano - Obscurity World (Unreleased)
16.MimiCof - Down The Street
17.MimiCof - Opal
18.MimiCof - Spins
19.Midori Hirano - Secret Aria On The Piano

Emil Keller Skousen, Christian Dugstad - Hospitalsvej (Oblivion Dip)
Area - Through The Wall (Kimochi)
Aos - Tiden upphör vid mölleholmen (Forthcoming on Under Molnet)
Jonas Palm & P-O Lundqvist - Sunset Rising in a Space craft (Djuring Phonogram)
_moonraker - Myoclone (_bruxist)
???? - Aways (Unreleased)
Adopo - Surplus (Atelier Records)
Biographs - Jagged Fingers (Reckno)
Untold - Watton Res (Hemlock Recordings)
???? - Untitled (Unreleased)
Porter - Champagne And Valium (Börft Records)
Shielding - It's Easy To Forget (Unreleased)
Villa Åbo - Colored Happy (Börft Records)
Hallucinator Dusk - (Chain Reaction)
Simo Cell - I Love The Monkey Head (Brothers From Different Mothers)
Kaiji - B3 (Kimochi)
Målade Ballader - Dans Som Tillkännager Ett Bröllop (Caprice Records / Expo Norr)
Ruutu Poiss - Mari (International Major Label)
Duckett - Everything Works Backwards (Galdoors)
Harmonious Thelonious - Verwobene Muziek (Diskant)
Tetsu Inoue - Invitable Colour (Instinct Records)

Mimicof : Rising : Moon Sync : Alien Transistor
Vtgnike : Legacy4 : Bandcamp Bundle 2017 : Vtgnike
Shielding : Equance
NHK yx Koyxen : Mutually : Exit Entrance : DFA
Josh Deep : Smoke Free Studio
Mood Stabilizer : Milk A Way
Aria Rostami : Because I Saw Wilted Limp Years : Numb Years : Intimate Inanimate

thanks to ashina for covering the time before me! thanks to peter for tuning in!
"last minute podval" was also tonight, but I was too ill to make it out