Main Entry: pro·mis·cu·i·ty
Pronunciation: "prä-m&-'skyü-&-tE, "prO-
Function: noun Inflected
Form(s): plural -ties
Date: circa 1849

1 : a miscellaneous mixture or mingling of persons or things
© 2002 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

The idea of this show is to intermingle musical ideas. The form will be similar to that of a game of "telephone," where one party creates a seed (musical) message and each subsequent recipient of the message attempts to recreate that message for the next, thereby involuntarily (or not) imparting their own interpretation on the communication. Through repeated iterations of this cycle, the message increasingly takes on the character of the communicators and loses the qualities of the original transmission.

Confirmed contributors:

Marko Katic (antenna intl, gramaphone records)
past guest of etc and of promiscuity
provider of vintage beats, cologne sound, dubbed-out perlon style tech and pounding filtered grooves, he is a fairly regular contributor to the etc showcase and for good reason

DJ Vina (streetbeat's Transit, WNUR, niteskool productions)
past guest of etc and first time at promiscuity
ghetto-tech mistress of Transit and Education by Numbers who will hurl bass relentlessly and is no stranger to combining forces with other techno auteurs

Craque (, metatron press,
past guest of etc and promiscuity
click-house, micro-house master with frequent excursions into the twiddly depths of idm, literally schooled in the classics and experimental music, full of gems and surprises

past guest of etc and promiscuity
having made his WNUR debut on the first promiscuity, he has since become a regular and valuable contributor to etc supplying a unique blend of techno and house and an always signature originality

*Justin "DJ Reed" Reed (illmeasures)
past guest of etc and first time at promiscuity
flaunting membership in the brain-trust of illmeasures elite, expect anything from drumcode pounding swedish tech to pop house from this versatile performer

Mike "DJ S
kinny" Levitt (, streatbeat dance / electronic producer, WNUR)
past guest of etc and promiscuity
Streetbeat Dance boss, host of Skinny's Spintastic Funtorium and All-You-Can-Beat Buffet, downtempo enthusiast and bringer of unexpected beats

pHonaut (streetbeat's etc, Headtheater, WNUR, Mother records)
resident etc dj and first time at promiscuity
ambient guru who can put SKAM and BASS into the same sentence, leading expert on all things Atom Heart, all things Tetsu Inoue, all things Fax, and all things rather interesting and unwaveringly groovy

David Kullgren (
streetbeat's Education By Numbers, WNUR)
first time at etc and promiscuity
jaws drop when this guy plays records and he makes it work by proudly blurring or destroying the line between techno purity and utter kitsch, has also been known to break off a crossfader or two along the way

Mercedez Ben (obs productions)
first time at etc and promiscuity
he's opening for Stewart Walker this week and has the obs productions stamp of approval, plus I owe him a CD

Mani "The Urban Turban" Miglani (obs productions,, gramaphone records, ear promotions)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
this guy plays techno: the advent, mark broom, regis, surgeon and the crew, watch for white labels and the hardest cuts

Charles Adler (
first time on etc and promiscuity
Detroit stylings finely honed to a refined mixture the of melodic and rhythmic elements providing an effectively contextual experience, also a new addition to the Clinically Inclined staff, a recent performer with Illmeasures and host of a yet untitled show on WNUR Monday nights, all commemorating a triumphant return from overseas

*Steve "Sinjin" Shay
first time on etc and promiscuity
resident bigwig's outlet event, self-described as playing dubby tech house and filtered disco

*DJ Pulz-8 (gramaphone records)
first time on etc and promiscuity
breaks and drum n bass dj in a past life, he incorporates the breaks sound and attitude with the pounding grooves of hard techno

*David Siska (streetbeat's Clinically Inclined, WNUR, Covalent productions)
first time on etc and promiscuity
if it happens, this will be a truly notable performance as he has acted as a huge influence on and mentor for etc, a Chicago legend in his own right and huge contributor to WNUR, expect an always unprecedented trip into the premiere electro, techno, and IDM releases available, not to mention the fact that he runs the Chicago techno events list and has brought such high-profile artists as Technasia, Theorem, and CiM to Chicago

Brian Hammersley
first time on etc and promiscuity
recent host of a series of events at the Grotto and obs productions affiliate, this should be a soulful addition to the cast supplying anything from house classics to eclectic downtempo

Steve Tang (emphasis recordings, red ember recordings)
first time on etc and promiscuity
this was a very exciting last minute addition to the lineup, he is a very talented and respected DJ and producer in the Morgan Geist and Environ mold from the Chicago area with a new EP soon available on his own Emphasis recordings, he also supports etc and Clinically Inclined, it will be a pleasure to have him along for the event

*Joshua Werner (antenna intl, gramaphone records, material, obs productions)
past etc and promiscuity guest
almost a regular on etc, this outstandingly knowledgable contributor threatens to play dub to happy hardcore and anything in between and at the same time maintains the attitude of educating the audience and above all, quality control

doesn't like to talk about himself, even in 3rd person

*(unable to attend)