promiscuity: the third installment

Main Entry: pro·mis·cu·i·ty
Pronunciation: "prä-m&-'skyü-&-tE, "prO-
Function: noun Inflected
Form(s): plural -ties
Date: circa 1849

1 : a miscellaneous mixture or mingling of persons or things
© 2002 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

The idea of this show is to intermingle musical ideas. The form will be similar to that of a game of "telephone," where one party creates a seed (musical) message and each subsequent recipient of the message attempts to recreate that message for the next, thereby either consciously or otherwise imparting their own interpretation on the communication. Through repeated iterations of this cycle, the message increasingly takes on the character of the communicators and loses the qualities of the original transmission.

Confirmed contributors:
Mike "DJ Skinny" Levitt (, streatbeat dance / electronic producer, WNUR)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
attendee of both previous installments, once again DJ Skinny will offer a diverse set somewhere between tribal tech and chill downtempo

*Marko Katic (antenna intl, gramaphone records)
past guest of etc and of promiscuity
supporting tracks on upcoming antenna release and a live set recorded on WNUR, he will certainly bring substance and talent to the table, as always

Mani "The Urban Turban" Miglani (obs productions,, gramaphone records, ear promotions)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
having attended both of the previous installments, he is again a more than welcome addition who promises to up the octane several notches with stainless steel techno and unreleased gems

*Brian Hammersley (, obs productions)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
after throwing down a standout set at last the promiscuity event, he is a welcome returning DJ who has established himself as a most flexible contributor

*Steve "Sinjin" Shay (illmeasures)
first time on etc and promiscuity
resident of bigwig's outlet event, he describes himself as playing dubby tech house and filtered disco

Steve Tang (emphasis recordings, red ember recordings)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
an accomplished producer and respected international DJ, he provides soulful techno

Joshua Werner (antenna intl, gramaphone records, material, obs productions)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
returning from absence since the first promiscuity event, Josh will educate the audience's mind and feet with eclectisism like no other

past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
having made his WNUR debut on the first promiscuity and been a consistent contributor both to etc and the subsequent promiscuity, he is the returning dj with most hours logged at this event

*Andrew Suprenant (streetbeat, WNUR)
first time at etc and promiscuity
a house and downtempo dj coming into his own, he does a weekly show Wednesday evenings that often explores the new and unfamiliar

*David Kullgren (streetbeat's Education By Numbers, WNUR)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
avid fan of Sasha who's known to drop a Felix da Housecat track now and then, formerly "Dave The Slave" soon to be "Evil Dave" does his part to bring happy hardcore to the masses

Mercedez Ben (obs productions)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
dark dark minimal techno aficionado, this fellow has thankfully signed on for his second entry into this event

*Gabriel Palomo (zuvuya recordings , fresca recordings, 773, conjugate project)
past etc guest, first time on promiscuity
773 event founder and resident, past host of the Conjugate project, this experienced performer lends his musical depth to the cast

David Siska (streetbeat's Clinically Inclined, WNUR, covalent productions)
first time on etc and promiscuity
if it happens, this will be a truly notable performance as he has acted as a huge influence on and mentor for etc, a Chicago legend in his own right and huge contributor to WNUR, expect an always unprecedented trip into the premiere electro, techno, and IDM releases available, not to mention the fact that he runs the Chicago techno events list and has sponsored and performed alongside such high-profile artists as Technasia, Theorem, and CiM

Charles Adler (,streetbeat's Subsystence, WNUR)
past etc guest and promiscuity contributor
star host of Subsystence radio on WNUR and recent guest at Illmeasures' Outlet event, this returning guest adds soulful techno grooves to the mixture every time he touches the decks

Tim Xavier (blueline music, teknotik records, sql records, contaminated records, infiltration, speaker attack, remains, 773)
past etc guest, first time on promiscuity
this well established DJ and recording artist, hailing from Houston, TX, brings enthusiastically maniacal techno and a well-honed ear from the mix

Matthew Martin (meiotic promotions)
first time on etc and promiscuity
minimal tech-house and techno dj from the meiotic stable has played at the 773 event and empty bottle to great responses, an experienced member of the "chicago techno community"

Dave Knapik (WNUR)
first time on etc and promiscuity
this guy will play abstract electronics to industrial music to ambient and even maybe techno, not afraid to experiment, this new addition to streetbeat and WNUR vetran is sure to change the pace up

event organizer, host of etc, and expert krunk keeper

*did not attend