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etc 2003.Jan.25 00:30 (210minutes, WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

I feel silly writing out all the order of performers with no setlists here, so you'll just have to read my commentary instead. The evening started off with my playing of a few house cuts, followed by some interactive mixing between myself and Audiophile. After that was the debut of Christina Sheradon on radio in general as well as WNUR! Mercedez Ben followed that set up with some groovy minimalism and then we closed out the set with a frantic tag team set between Audiophile, Ben and myself. We put down (according to Xanax's count) 21 tracks in the last 15 minutes of the set. Fun times at Ridgemont High. This was the day the Internet crashed because of some hole in MySQL apparently, which nobody at the station was privy to but it nonetheless affected the recording as I couldn't remote log in. A section in the middle was lost but mostly the evening ran smootly. Joshua Werner and Xanax were along for the night as well and got buckwild with the Public Service Announcements. No joke.