Niteskool Komeback Koncert 2003.Feb.25 21:30
30minutes @ Norris Uni. Ctr., Evanston

Lamb : Gold : Gold : Fontana
Thomas Fehlmann : Rotenfaden : Streets Of Blah : Kompakt
Lali Puna : Everywhere & Allover : Tridecoder : Morr
Smashing Pumpkins : 1979 - Vocal Mix : 1979 Mixes : Virgin
Kaito : Awakening : Awakening : Kompakt
Kaito : Everlasting : Everlasting : Kompakt

Loud noise in a loud room. No really, it was kind of boomy but I think (hope?) it came out alright. Everyone who was paying any attention seemed happy enough. Oh, and to all you trainspotters out there - I POST THE PLAYLIST ON THE INTERNET; you don't need to read the labels while (or before) I'm playing. Thanks to Alanna & Danielle for the gig and to DJ SOLUS for keeping it mad real with the downtempo and with the fly-ass mixer. Oh, I was accompanied here by Solus, Failing Forward, NES and someone else.

Niteskool Productions presents: Niteskool Komback Koncert 2003.02.25tu NES, Falling Forward, m50, Solus