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Gramaphone Techno Showcase 2003.Mar.21 00:00 60minute set @ Smartbar, Chicago

Ellen Allien : Kuss : Erdbeermund : Bpitch Control
M. Mercer : Secrets : Secrets : Forte
Phil Ochs : Cops Of The World : Phil Ochs In Concert : Elektra
Phonem : Thirst : Ilisu : Morr
Peter Grummich : Big & Humble : Big & Humble : Sender
T.Raumschmiere : The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle : The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle : Shitkatapult
Thomas Fehlmann : Streets Of Blah : Streets Of Blah : Kompakt
Hands Gruber : Firebird : Firebird EP : Killer
Sieg Über Die Sonne : I'm Not A Sound - Akufen Remix - Le Voyage De Pêche D'Akufen : I'm Not A Sound : Multicolour
Misc. : [untitled] : sl24_2 : Sender
Peter Grummich : [untitled] : sl24_2 : Sender
Carl Craig : At Les : More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art : Planet E
Adam Johnson : Captain Wood : Pressure Point : Parotic
Deadbeat : Babblefish : Garble and Slur : Cynosure
The Soft Pink Truth : Promo Funk : Promo Funk : Soundslike
Akufen : Quebec Nightclub : Quebec Nightclub : Perlon
Twerk : Unit_Onjer : Now I'm Rendered Useless : Force Inc
Sascha Funke : NCL : Luftschloss : Bpitch Control
Johannes Heil : Rendezvous Bizzare : Illuminate The Planet : Kanzleramt
Marko Katic : [untitled] : [untitled] : [blacklabel]
Hm, I shouldn't wait until Sunday to write about this set but I guess I do. Super fun time, following a tag team by Josh and Marko and before the slash & burn hardcore & compressed percussive madness presented by John Gannon and the sharp closing set by Gabriel Palomo. The highlight of the evening was certainly getting everyone on the dance floor. If you've ever been to this residency, you know it's a more listening-oriented crowd to say the least, so to have people moving certainly put a smile on my face. Hi to the Kompute crew, Christina and Vanessa, Matthew Martin, Quantazelle & requisite accompanyment & Fitz who couldn't escape because he works there. Thanks to the Techno Showcase people for the invitation!

2003.03.20th 22:00-03:00 Gramaphone Techno Showcase
Marko Katic (Antenna Int'l)
Gabriel Palomo (Zuvuya)
m50 (Meiotic, WNUR-FM)
John Gannon
@ Smartbar
3730 N Clark