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773:Meiotic Showcase 2003.Mar.22 22:00 60minute combined set @ Seanchai, Chicago

m50 set 1...
Michael Mayer : [untitled] : Pensum : Kompakt
Eedio : Fresh Live : Kollektiv3 : Bpitch Control
Thor : Shrink (Headclaner Remix) : Shrink : Big Time International
Motor : 45 : 4567 : Audio.NL
Dietrich Schoneman & Casey Hogan : [untitled] : Stamp Series 2 : [whitelabel]
DJ Preach : Performance Means Faster : Performance M.F. : Default
Surgeon : Prowler : Screw the Roses : Counterbalance
Ellen Allien : Send : Dataromance : Bpitch Control
Tim Xavier : Slow Reactor : Leaky Faucet : Sevenseventhree

m50 set 2...
Damon Wild : Opaque - Surgeon Remix : Opaque : Synewave UK
Gaetano Paresio : [untitled] : Outdated : Conform
Smash TV : Nobody Original (Album Electrified) : Nobody : Bpitch Control
Anthony Rother : Kreig : Die Macht : Psi49net
Alex Cortex : [untitled] : Bathyal : Kanzleramt
Hands Gruber : Dogtime : Firebird : Killer
User : [untitled] : [untitled] : Corp
Regis : White Stains : Penetration : Downwards
Mark Broom : Two : [untitled] : Coda
These sets were part of a Meiotic showcase night at Seanchai's 773 event (new website for that thing too). Tim Xavier was surprisingly in attendance in spite of his gig across town, so things went off pretty smoothly. My set was bisected by J_moody's performance and followed by Matthew Martin and Shift. Props to Audiophile, Skinny, Holly, Protman, Karl Meier and Quantazelle for coming down and checking me out, and to Matt MacQueen, David Siska, Christine Navarro, Christina Sheradon, Joe DL, Soultek & Josh Werner for coming down and hanging out as well. To all those left out, e-mail to remind me and I'll count you in. Thanks to Gabe and Tim for setting us up with the night and to the whole Meiotic crew for having me play. Wow, so many thanks. I think it was a fun time and I certainly feel better about playing sets where I can turn down the monitor to a comfortable level. Overall, for me it was a good week of sets out in the city, I think. Progress. Woo, I even got props from Karl for the 773 set!

'local' listing:
2003.03.22sa 22:00-03:00 773: Meiotic Showcase
Matthew Martin
@ Seanchai
2345 W Belmont (belmont & western)