[[distort//static]] 2003.Apr.06 20:00 20 minute sets planned @ Empty Bottle, Chicago
short set! scsi 9 - cologne - cologne - trapez
telepopmusik - breathe (extended mix) - breathe
and later
squarepusher - untitled - untitled ep - warp
baby ford v the aphex twin - normal (helston flora mix) - normal - rephlex
and still later
marko katic - untitled - blacklabel - antenna

Fun show! Great performances and well-attended by ANY measure. Diverse even. Unsurprisingly the indie rockers didn't like the techno and the tech-heads didn't love the indie noodlings. What more could you ask for? I mean, other than a set from yours truely.

local listing:
Meiotic presents the return of [distort//static] 2003.04.06su featuring: Stewart Walker (live PA - Persona, Force Inc, Tresor), Nobukazu Takemura (live PA - Thrill Jockey), Gregory Shiff (live PA - Persona), John Herndon (dj set), Shift (Meiotic), m50 (Meiotic, WNUR-FM's Streetbeat), see 'local'