Frequency.Response : 2003.Apr.25 19:00 30minute set : Chase Cafe, Chicago

Arovane : i.o. : [untitled] : din
Acceleradeck : Concord Remembering : Disquieting : FWD
TPM : Tires Por Managua : TP Section 173.14 : Beta Bodega
Acceleradeck : dec.i : Disquieting : FWD
Psi Performer : 1995 * Gimmik Remix : Art Is A Division Of Pain Remixed : K20
Aspen : My Attempted Dub Melody : Sugar & Spice : Emanate
Brothomstates : In : Claro : WARP

Amazing and obscure lineup triumphantly presented by Feminaexmachina. Great visuals, smooth live stuff and overall creativity abounded. Really an inspirational evening.

local listing:
2003.04.25fr 19:00-01:00 Feminaexmachina presents: Frequency.Response v2.0
Tamarin (Mad Monkey, Frozen Empire Media)
Miles Tilmann (Submarine, Toytronic, Consumers Research and Development)
Wilt (Ad Noiseam, Rectrix, Crionic Mind)
The [Law-rah] Collective (Holland - Crunch Pod Media, Possessive Blindfold)
Cliff Swank (Radio.Vietnambla)
m50 (WNUR's Streetbeat, Meiotic)
@ Chase Cafe
7301 N Sheridan

upcoming listing:
Feminaexmachina presents: Frequency.Response v2.0 2003.04.25fr 19:00-01:00 featuring: Tamarin (Mad Monkey, Frozen Empire Media), Miles Tilmann & Mark Denardo (Submarine, Toytronic, Consumer's Research and Development), Wilt (Ad Noiseam, Rectrix, Crionic Mind), The [Law-rah] Collective (Holland - Crunch Pod Media, Possessive Blindfold), Cliff Swank, m50 (WNUR's Streetbeat, Meiotic) see 'local'