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etc 2003.Jun.07 02:00 2hours @ WNUR, Evanston-Chicago

DJ sets by Todd Sines, Velocette, and m50...
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We played till we were deleriously tired. These two New Yorkers are pretty damn hardcore and played really sweet sets as well. Todd Sines got deep with the dubby house and Velocette pumped some retro-electro and techno action. Then Danielle brought leftover Thai food for them and we went home. The end.

(rather inaccurate) local listing:
etc 2003.06.07sa 02:00 5hours featuring: Miles Tilmann (Toytronic, Cellula, Consumers Research & Development, Tyke), Projectile (Minneapolis - Toytronic, Topscore, Parotic), Adam Johnson (Minneapolis - Parotic, Merck), Soultek (Ironbox, Kompute), Velocette (NYC - Parallel, Reflective)